Birthing Better Babies Update & News

Things are really starting to move now, Mark and Christine Pedder have finally returned permanantly to Baseco, after 6 months of coming and going (Mark especially) and Christine recovering from surgery. They are home now, which means they can evaluate the Sponsored Pregnancies and their effectiveness and iron out the wrinkles….

News and Events

  • We currently have funding for another 2 pregnancies, so we are  finding women in Baseco as we speak
  • I have just had the honour of speaking at the ladies ministry breakfast with Keep Hope Alive in the Barossa SA….we had a fun morning…skits, I enacted a birth (very funny) then I spoke about BBB…..and Baseco it was a great morning I had a ball there were probably 80 women there from all walks of life and even different denomonations. Those lovely ladies raised over $400 for BBB that means 4 more babies are born in safety not squalor! There is even money left over for our newly formed Emergency Fund for women in the programme and those who walk of the street. Thank you ladies I loved being with you!
  • I am updating photos as Mark has sent me new photographs of the women and their fat bellies! I am excited too
  • There are exciting opportunities for me to speak and share in the coming months so keep in touch and I will post information.
  • I have made contact with a group of Lutheran women who make birthing kits for developing nations like Papua Guinea , I am investigating getting kits for Baseco…very handy for emergency births and women who cannot afford a birth in a hospital

Thanks again for your interest and support…..we will change the world one birth at a time!!

This is our first sponsored lady Cheri, she is about to have the baby anyday….keep her in prayer for a safe and successful birth and postnatal period……keep posted for more news!


2 thoughts on “Birthing Better Babies Update & News”

  1. Thank you Cathy for coming to the breakfast and very pleased you enjoyed it. We also loved having you there. Do hope to see you again sometime to tell us how things are going. Bless you and your team.

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