Hi and News!

Hi dear friends and followers of BBBabies!

Well I have finally resurfaced from my 8 week holiday to the UK and then a 3 week sojourn in Blessed Baseco, (Oh It was sooooo good to be home amongst my precious Baseco family and see finally the amazing babies we have all sponsored prayed and cared for through the miles) then to top it all off we have moved house to a country town…..phew!

But I am back bursting with news photos and updates!

I am about to begin a series of blogs and updates on the ladies currently sponsored and the successes we have seen so far. I have recent photos news and more on ladies and babies.

Thanks to Mark for updating in the meantime, he has told you of the EXCITING news with another 10 women sponsored……..I am struck sometimes at the generosity of people and love to be  a wee part of this exciting time!

I will leave you at the moment with some gorgeous group photos of our beautiful SUCCESSES………..there are not many times I am speechless  (no rude comments Mark!) but when I saw these babies I realised that our money WAS making a difference. These babies are fat and chubby, they are noticeably healthier and advanced, happy and content ! All I could do was look and absorb the wonder of a few dollars, vitamins and consistent care from a knowledgeable source!

I was moved to grateful quiet tears to see these gorgeous chubby babies, just to hold them was my honour and privilege……….I am in awe of the love of God to these darling babes! Surely His eye is on the little ones!


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