5 New Mums…5 soon to be fat, healthy babies…

We have just put 5 new mothers in the BBB Program.

Rosaly Lizondra – 35 year old mother of six (looking forward to a ligation after number 7). Has a working husband who earns 250p per day. She is 5 months.

Theresa Vergas – 24 year old mother of 4, 9 months…could be any day. Again she has a working hubby.

Maria Cabague – check this out, 37 year mother of 8, 5 months, with hubbies inconsistant income of between 150-200 per day. Who knows life is a struggle in this situation…

Katherine Chozas – 26 year old mum of 4, 7 months, with yet another working husband earning 250p per day.

Rosemarie Benatero – 32 year old mother of 4, 8 months. Her husband is a fisherman, with an inconsistant income of about 100p per day.

Just for your calculations, 100p is approx’ AUD 2.50…no big money earners in this group.

We can also boast, that all of our births so far are being breast fed, which we all know is best.

Thank you for all of your support – Mark, Chris and Cathy

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