Announcing Mely Jene

We are so proud to announce the arrival of another baby in Baseco to Juliet…..her name is Mely Jene and she is gorgeous!

Her birth went well despite a quick an emergency birth at a nearer hospital!! Juliet and Mely are doing well, happily breastfeeding too!!!

Have a read of Juliet’s story here

Juliet’s story

Thanks to the ladies at Keep Hope Alive, real fruit in Baseco!!!

Oh so yummy too!!

Bless ya


Liezel’s Story

I have just told Liezel’s amazing story and journey as a mother in an Urban Slum, she is a striking example of how some love, kindness and some finance can change the destiny of a family and their children.

Baby John (see Mark’s post below) could have been born in very different circumstances, but is proof  a small gift can change the destiny of a child and baby.

To read about Liezel’s powerful testimony and her life click here….. Liezel’s Story

It’s a BOY…

Liezel Galera gave birth to John Vinzel on thursday night at 9:15am, no complications, no issues, just a fat little baby boy. Sorry, but no weight is available, as no one told mum those details.

Liezel has taken the option of a tubal ligation, her and Vincent already have 2 little girls, one of which, Angel is 100% blind, so 3 is enough in this happy family.

Here he is…cute as…

Another Birth in Baseco

Elena now has 8 children, she has just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl called Precious Garcia, she was born on Nov 12th this year she weighed 2.1 kg healthy and is breastfeeding beautifully. Thanks to the ladies from Keep Hope Alive.

We are delighted to have supported Elena and Precious, especially since Elena had high blood pressure and had some issues after birth that we could cover financially, what a better way for mother and baby to start their life together instead of stress and financial strain!

To read more about this success story click on this link Elena’s Story

Women and Baby Updates

I have updated some of my ladies stories and new mums we are sponsoring………

Updates include

Genelyn sponsored by the Gunn family……

Here is the link to Genelyn’s Baby

Gina who is sponsored by the ladies from Keep Hope Alive

Here is the link to Gina’s Story

Juliet is sponsored by the Ladies from Keep Hope Alive

Here is the link to Juliet’s Pregnancy

I have even added a photo of our pioneer baby Maria Faith as I cuddled her in Baseco, testimony to the remarkable difference some time, care and funds can make

Here  is the link to Cherri and Maria’s Story

I have some great stories, pregnancies and births to share still, so stay in touch!!

I have tried to fill in lots of life details in these women’s stories so you can really get a picture of life for these resilient, remarkable women, mothers, wives and girls  living in an urban slum……they are truly inspiring!