The Plight of the Unborn Slum Babe

We are excited about Birthing Better Babies, there have been about a dozen babies that are being and have been sponsored up to date

Like any sponsorship programme, we have plenty of successes and a few “ho hum” experiences.

Virginia is one of these  “ho hum” types

It is also a universal fact that some people just do not really want your help as much as they NEED it

They waste money, they want more, they do not do what they are asked

They want it on their own terms, their own agenda

They cannot even “see” that they need help

Their own ignorance (literally) is their bondage and folly.

Wow that sounds really judgemental

But I can say to you there is an element of truth in that statement in Baseco

Virginia is one of these women.

You may ask “Why then are you sponsoring this women?”


To tell you the truth it is really all about the babies who are born into this situation

They are innocents, they were conceived and born into this situation and did not create it

They need our protection and influence, even if the mother does not want it!

We will try (as much as we can) to protect the Unborn baby



So read Virginia’s Story and think about the child she carries and also the children she WILL carry in the future

Click Here to read Virginia’s Story

Let me know what you think!


One way you can help……

Mark just posted a brilliant article on the effect of vitamin deprivation in babies in the womb. It is a well documented fact that ample vitamins and minerals are  linked to higher IQ, of course good general health and flourishing babies and  lots lots more.

BBBabies are constantly on the prowl for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Vitamins, we find that the Aussie gear is supremely better than the Vitamins we can source in the Philippines.Copyright (c) <a href=''>123RF Stock Photos</a>

Copyright (c) <a href=’’>123RF Stock Photos</a>

We use any brand, we also use low date and have even used slightly out of date tablets as they are without a doubt BETTER than what we are able to source locally. Whole or half bottles work too, I remember only using half of my vitamins when I was pregnant. Chat to me either way……as long as postage does not make it uneconomical it may be an option.

We have seen first hand how the babies in Baseco who have access to vitamins are bigger at birth, chubby as they get older, they are alert and much much happier than their baby friends who do not get any at all. They are alert and awake at birth also, this would add to a better breastfeeding outcome…….so many babies have no strength to suck as they are born malnourished rather than NOURISHED and content, ready for a vigorous first and subsequent feeds!

So if you are looking for a away to help this may be another way you can help us

Pray and ask God

More soon


Malnourished in the Womb…Some Facts

All of us need a balanced amount of nutrients for proper functioning of the body system. However, the nutrition requirement varies with respect to particular life stages. And pregnancy is such a critical phase in a woman’s life, when she needs optimal nutrients of superior qualities to support the developing fetus. Naturally, the urge to eat more is experienced by nearly all pregnant women. But, what if there is a lack of nutrients in the gestation period? What are the effects of malnutrition during pregnancy? Of course, it affects the health of both mother and baby, which we will discuss in this article.

Malnutrition and Pregnancy

Malnutrition is defined as the lack of sufficient nutrients, which are essential for the body’s normal functioning. Over time, it affects the bodily organs and results in mild to severe medical problems. One of the malnutrition facts is that the number of hungry people is more in the developing countries. Consequently, the occurrence rate of malnutrition during pregnancy is higher in the countries of Asia and Africa. As per medical data, pregnant women, lactating women and children below 3 years are more susceptible to malnutrition effects than others.

From the moment that a woman conceives, she holds the responsibility of following a healthy diet in large quantities to support the growth of an entire life inside her womb. An expecting mother should understand that her daily nutrition is not only important for her health, but it is crucial for maintaining good health of her baby for the entire life. Taking this into consideration, malnutrition during pregnancy is a leading cause for poor pregnancy consequences.

Effects of Malnutrition During Pregnancy

If a pregnant woman is malnourished, it is understandable that the baby in the mother’s womb is not receiving enough nutrients. In other words, the nutrients and trace minerals essential for developing a whole life are not provided in sufficient amounts. As a consequence, the baby will exhibit poor growth rate and low weight. The general effects of malnutrition on the body are weak immune system, greater risk to illnesses, low stamina level and lesser height.

Some effects of malnutrition during pregnancy are carried by the child throughout his/her entire life. Say for example, a malnourished baby is prone to infections not only in the early stages of growth, but also in the adulthood phases of life. Also, it is claimed that cognitive impairment and low IQs are directly linked to malnutrition symptoms, especially during pregnancy and infancy period.

Pregnant women who have been through malnutrition deliver babies with low birth weight. Such children are prone to retarded growth, less coordination, poor vision, learning difficulty and many other diseases. Anemia is one of the malnutrition diseases that affects several pregnant women worldwide. It increases the risk for mortality of mother and baby at childbirth. Other serious effects of malnutrition during pregnancy are premature delivery, obstructed labor, postpartum hemorrhage and birth defects.

The effects of malnutrition on child development are attributed to lack of nutrients during pregnancy and also, during lactating period. In both the stages, consuming well-planned pregnancy diet and diet for breastfeeding mother is crucial for the baby’s heath. The health and well-being of an individual largely depend on the nutrition provided in three stages, viz., gestation, lactation and early childhood.

In order to minimize the effects of malnutrition during pregnancy, a woman planning for conception should develop good eating habits and dietary changes. Staying fit before pregnancy is also imperative, because the developing fetus depends on the mother’s stored nutrients for fast growth during the initial months. Consulting a nutrition expert is a practical approach to understand the nutritional requirements for optimal health of both mother and baby.

Amazing Program

Blessing Babies Before They Are Born…who would of ever thought of it…Cathy you are a legend.

With all of the various programs we run here in Baseco, I would honestly rate this as one of the absolute best, so easy, so practical and so effective. We have these fat little breast fed babies popping up everywhere…starting life healthy and strong.

Did you know, that most of the immunizations that you give babies become ineffective if that child gets a compromised immune system or becomes malnourished in the first few years of life…this program makes it very unlikely that any of these children will experience this in those early years…

Liezels little John (one of our recent babies) is a great example of what I am talking about. He is just drinking all of the time, literally goes from one breast to the other, wakes his mum up all through the night for milk…and he is the fattest little thing you have ever seen, just like all babies should be. He has started life blessed.