Amazing Program

Blessing Babies Before They Are Born…who would of ever thought of it…Cathy you are a legend.

With all of the various programs we run here in Baseco, I would honestly rate this as one of the absolute best, so easy, so practical and so effective. We have these fat little breast fed babies popping up everywhere…starting life healthy and strong.

Did you know, that most of the immunizations that you give babies become ineffective if that child gets a compromised immune system or becomes malnourished in the first few years of life…this program makes it very unlikely that any of these children will experience this in those early years…

Liezels little John (one of our recent babies) is a great example of what I am talking about. He is just drinking all of the time, literally goes from one breast to the other, wakes his mum up all through the night for milk…and he is the fattest little thing you have ever seen, just like all babies should be. He has started life blessed.


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