The Plight of the Unborn Slum Babe

We are excited about Birthing Better Babies, there have been about a dozen babies that are being and have been sponsored up to date

Like any sponsorship programme, we have plenty of successes and a few “ho hum” experiences.

Virginia is one of these  “ho hum” types

It is also a universal fact that some people just do not really want your help as much as they NEED it

They waste money, they want more, they do not do what they are asked

They want it on their own terms, their own agenda

They cannot even “see” that they need help

Their own ignorance (literally) is their bondage and folly.

Wow that sounds really judgemental

But I can say to you there is an element of truth in that statement in Baseco

Virginia is one of these women.

You may ask “Why then are you sponsoring this women?”


To tell you the truth it is really all about the babies who are born into this situation

They are innocents, they were conceived and born into this situation and did not create it

They need our protection and influence, even if the mother does not want it!

We will try (as much as we can) to protect the Unborn baby



So read Virginia’s Story and think about the child she carries and also the children she WILL carry in the future

Click Here to read Virginia’s Story

Let me know what you think!



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