What a Start to the Year

There is an old adage that says “You never know what the New Year shall bring”

This year has certainly started with an encouraging BANG  for Birthing Better Babies. From our first birth and baby Maria to our newer babies John Vincel……..

Gorgeous Maria Faith and Cherri looking beautiful!
John Vincel and precious Liezel a leader in Jn 14:12 breastfeeding happily!

For one thing Mark has arrived home from Baseco for a well earned rest and sabbatical, with Chris he has enjoyed family, friends and great fellowship with various Aussie churches. Unbeknown to me he has been promoting BBB through Australia as well, thanks Mark!!

From various churches, individual people and even a radio station interview we have already totalled 15 births!

That is amazing because I have not asked for money from anyone or ANY institution or church…..God is really a miracle working God.

I remember musing about BBB way back in Baseco……..the first trip, I really felt that people and women especially could really grab a hold of the idea, it was immediate, grab-able, it was satisfying and tangible. Little did I realise how people would love it!

I admit I was small thinking (ie, even if I sell things on eBay and raise enough money for 2 births I have made a difference!)

HUH I lived in a very small  box!

Well in one year so far since the beginning we have filtered  11 mothers an their babies through BBBabies, that is one a month!


Even before that initial year was out we had another 15 lined up for 2011, that is another 15 newborns arriving in this world  healthier, happier, smarter and fatter!

There is also pretty fair indication that there is another 20 sponsorships coming above the 15 already confirmed.

I stand in awe of  the love of God and the generosity of the Aussie people for the poor. The Bible says that in giving to the poor and watching over them we will get a blessing

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done. “>New International Version, ©2011

These are amazing days! Days that see dreams and visions coming to fruition, and the desires of our hearts realised!

All I did was DID something……….

Only believe!