Is Nestle Helping?

I just wanted to post a slightly controversial post on the high profile company Nestle…..

Birthing Better Babies believes (along with the World Health Organisation I may add!) that babies should be breastfed for AT LEAST the first 6 months of life…………it not only gives the children a better chance of survival in developing nations but provides literally HUNDREDS of documented and proven benefits to the mother and child in all areas including health, development, nutrition, intelligence, weight and more.

Nestle is a multi national company, one where multitudes of breastfeeding supplements stem from. There is a very global movement which condemns Nestle for it’s stand of formula production, but especially condemns them for their ethics in promoting formula in developing nations…..where breastfeeding is essential not just important! Their ethics simply boil down to money, they pay to advertise and the nations who need the money succumb to the EASY buck temptation. It comes with a dreadful price though, see my post on Delilah this was a very typical case of malnourishment due to formula feeding…..or the lack of money to formula feed! There are other far more long term problems associated with formula feeding that I will not outline here but you can read in other places, there is a a Boycott Nestle Movement which is alive and well!

The latest “invention” and innovation from Nestle is below, literally an espresso machine for infant formula already released in Switzerland (which has a very low Breastfeeding Rate…..any surprise) it looks so appealing, clean and trendy to boot!

“A unique combination of nutrition innovation, high-tech machine technology and after-sales service.” (Their words not mine….)

“BabyNes is the world’s first comprehensive nutrition system for infants and toddlers, and is based on Nestlé’s latest scientific achievements in baby nutrition and systems technology.”

So basically it has made formula feeding quicker and easier than the breast????? One stop premeasured  formula, heating and voila your babies own Latte? By making formula feeding trendy and convenient we are putting at risk literally millions of children daily and yearly….

My prayer is that Nestle will only distribute to the Developed Nations in the world, where at least people have access to truth touted by Breastfeeding advocates, developing nations and communities like Baseco there is no hope if the Chinese make a quick copy of the technology………..

For my babies sake I hope they are WAY too expensive for my mums to even contemplate, but the Western Babies will suffer!

So sad!

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