A Glimpse Into Another Birthing World!

Here is a glimpse into a maternity ward in a Developing Nation with an exploding and uncontrolled population

This is where we send our BBBaby mothers, it does (REALLY) have a good reputation, and the women actually like going there for the birth!

Maternity Care, women lining up for prenatal checks

The midwives that care for these women are mostly young students from the upper end of Philo culture…….hard work though!

Routine checks are done on the women who attend Fabella

Birth is a very different experience in Manila, no husbands are allowed in the delivery room, nor visitors. Very strict matrons adhere to hospital protocol. It is a very strict, and we would class antiquated, maternity system, compared to the beauty and peace of our Western Births. We have the privilege to enjoy and relish in birth which these women rarely do! They often birth alone or with dozens of other women…..

The next picture is probably an emergency situation, it often astounds me the amount of staff  that attend emergencies, it seems to me extraordinary but it the way they do it! Very little privacy or even THOUGHT for the mother, many are not even informed of why they are being attended as such. Nevertheless I would far prefer my babies to be looked after in this environment with access to blood, anaesthetic  and proper medical attention than to birth in a slum with no access to even running water electricity and trained medical staff!

It is all a matter of perspective!

Baby born and being cared for by a midwife! Every single piece of tape, tube, wipe, disinfectant, medicine, blood transfusion, stitch and needle must be paid for IN FULL by the woman before she is released from hospital (they do have some concessions available but they are limited, every birth must be paid for though!)

If there are no birth complications the women and their babies are transferred to the wards……….

I have actually been in this hospital, which was very difficult as they do not let Non relatives in! What the photos do not show is the armed guards that are at every entrance door scrutinising people’s entrance tickets. If I had even motioned for my camera I would have been escorted out by gunpoint I am sure.

Why armed guards?  What we find very hard to conceive is the vast population in Manila, if the maternity were to open doors to every spouse relative and friend these Birthing women have the hospital would be LITERALLY overrun. Thus the entrances are restricted, visitors are restricted. Even husbands must wait OUTSIDE the hospital until they are called in. A very different system indeed, but understandable in the big picture! There are as many people in the capital of Manila as there is in the  whole of Australia!

It is hard for the Western brain to SEE the good, when we are used to modern spacious and private rooms! Another thing we need to realise is that most Philippino families live in similar conditions……..5 in one bedroom is not uncommon. In fact I know a family who do have separate bedrooms for their kids, but still all prefer to be together in one bedroom! Just different!

Remember this hospital has no air-conditioning either! Just fans!

The newborns are cared for in a similar manner to our babes, there are just soooooooo many of them!

These doctors and midwives are hardworking and dedicated, they work with  a GRIM determination. I think they can see that this is not sustainable nor economically feasible in the long run. Nevertheless they herd, they organise, they spell it out to uneducated and superstitious mothers over and over again, day in and day out! Gotta take my hat off to them!

They fight an unwinnable fight against poverty, lack of education, unrestrained birth, superstition and religious control….to them this day was a GOOD DAY!!!

It just SHOCKS us!

Take a moment to pray for this nation, there are so many changes that need to take place. They need the living Jesus, not a religious form, it is their only hope!

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Blessings Cath