Our newest mum…


This is Christina Remponi, one our newest mums in BBB. 29, 3 children, has chosen to ligate after this birth.

Its is such a relief for some of these woman to be able to stop having babies. There isĀ  so much tradition and wrong info amongst the poor. A man here would often think “no more babies means no more intimacy…so he will always say NO”. But the truth is, a ligation often enriches the whole relationship, because neither party has to worry about the unplanned pregnancy, which at times is such an incredible burden for everyone in the family.

This program blesses the whole family.

Meet Jennilyn…



Another BBB Baby, fat and healthy. Literally born today. Mum, Michelle, is happily chosing to ligate, the proceedure will be done tomorrow.

It is just so good to be able to BIRTH BETTER BABIES. A huge thankyou to all the sponsors and supporters of this program.