Marilyn’s Story…..she has 9 children……………


She is in her forties

This is her story………… I recorded in her interview when i visited Baseco a month ago



Baby Boy – Mark Christian 5months old in photo (Born Nov 2011)


This is Marilyn’s 9th child!

Her husband is a pedicab driver who earns only a couple of  Australian dollars daily.

She was anxious to stop having any more children


In order to have a tubal ligation she needed to go to Fabella Hospital

She attended all checkups there

She had all tests and scans there

It was a good pregnancy

She did attend Fabella for her birth and it was a successful birth with no problems.

She did have a ligation before she left Fabella


Marilyn was one of the few mothers who did not breastfeed

Not for a personal reason but purely medical

She had inverted nipples

She showed me and they were seriously inverted


Marilyn was a grateful recipient of a tubal ligation

Her baby days are over

The baby is completely immunised


Marilyn was particularly grateful for BBB

She tearfully thanked me for the sponsorship and her subsequent ligation

To her it represented the end of a long baby bearing era

The extreme financial hardship that she faced each time a baby was born was at an end.

She was one of the few that thanked me and her sponsors Australian Christian Churches

It was special.

Mother and baby are very happy and healthy

Read about the battle that the poor women like Marilyn face daily in Manila


This is the kind of story we love

Lives changed, baby and mother happy

One life at a time…………


4 thoughts on “Marilyn’s Story…..she has 9 children……………”

    1. I am finding so much GOOD stuff online about the whole political story behind the poor women who have multiple births…….I am having fun. have about 4 posts that I will post in the next couple of weeks!

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