UNICEF…..Undeniable Facts on Undernutrition

Here are just some profound FACTS by Unicef about the correlation of malnutrition in the womb with infant and child health, mortality and intelligence…….and 90% of these instances occur in Africa or Asia.

Note…..The baby pictured below Chris and I “discovered” on my recent trip to Baseco…..just when we thought it had improved we are confronted again and again but babes like this, these following UNICEF facts just consolidate and confirm our zeal to change these wee ones start in life and hopefully their destiny, one life at a time!

Maternal undernutrition affects a woman’s chances of
surviving pregnancy as well as her child’s health. Women
who were stunted as girls, whose nutritional status was
poor when they conceived or who didn’t gain enough
weight during pregnancy may deliver babies with low
birthweight. These infants in turn may never recoup from
their early disadvantage. Like other undernourished
children, they may be susceptible to infectious disease and
death, and as adults they may face a higher risk of chronic
illness such as heart disease and diabetes. Thus the health
of the child is inextricably linked to the health of the mother.

Undernutrition in children under age 2 diminishes the
ability of children to learn and earn throughout their lives.
Nutritional deprivation leaves children tired and weak, and
lowers their IQs, so they perform poorly in school. As adults
they are less productive and earn less than their healthy
peers. The cycle of undernutrition and poverty thereby
repeats itself, generation after generation.

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and
continued breastfeeding together with appropriate foods
can have a major impact on children’s survival, growth
and development. Adding vitamin A to the diet, to boost
resistance to disease, and zinc, to treat diarrhoea, can
further reduce child mortality.

Ensuring against iodine
and iron deficiencies improves lives and cognitive development.
Studies show iodine deficiency lowers IQ 13.5 points
on average.

Lack of attention to child and maternal nutrition today
will result in considerably higher costs tomorrow. With
more than 1 billion people suffering from malnutrition and
hunger, international leadership and urgent action are



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