Eye Opening Philippino Statistics

PHILIPPINE’S QUICK STATSIndicator 1993 1998 2003 2008
Percentage of women with no education 2.1 1.5 1.4 1.2
Percentage of women with access to newspaper, television and radio 58.2 48.5 36.8 23.5
Total fertility rate (children per women) 3.7 3.5 3.3
Percentage of teenagers who have begun childbearing 7.2 8.0 9.9
Percentage of married women currently using any method of family planning 40.0 47.8 48.9 50.7
Percentage of married women currently using any modern method of family planning 24.9 28.2 33.4 34.0
Median age at first marriage for women age 25-49 (years) 21.6 22.1 22.0 22.2
Median age at first sex for women age 25-49 (years) 21.8 22.1 21.9 21.5
Percentage of married women who want no more children 62.8 61.9 61.2 62.7
Percentage of married women with an unmet need for family planning 25.9 18.8 17.3 22.3
Mean ideal number of children 3.2 3.2 3.0 2.8
Infant mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) 35.1 28.7 24.9
Under-five mortality rate (per 1,000 live births) 48.4 39.9 33.5
Percentage of live births receiving antenatal care from a trained health professional 83.1 85.7 87.6 91.1
Percentage of live births delivered at a health facility 28.3 34.2 37.9 44.2
Percentage of live births receiving assistance at delivery from a trained health professional 52.8 56.4 59.8 98.6
Percentage of children fully immunized 71.5 72.8 69.8 79.5
Percentage of children with acute respiratory infection or fever taken to a health facility 51.3 57.9 54.8 49.8
Percentage of children with diarrhea who received either ORS or RHS 49.5 44.7 57.6 58.6
Median exclusive breastfeeding duration (months) 1.0 2.1 2.6 2.6
This information is sourced from Measure DHS
“Quality Information to plan monitor and improve population Health and Nutrition Programmes”
Certainly some very interesting facts worth considering and examining as we implement and evaluate BBB.

The Hilot…….Olivia’s Story Continues

RIGHT FROM the beginning, we know how “Olivia’s Story” ends. A mother of nine from Barangay Tonsuya in Malabon, she died delivering her 10th child, under the care of a hilot or traditional birth attendant (TBA) in their community.

Her mother revealed that Olivia sought a hilot’s services mainly to save money, since a trip to the hospital, even a government hospital, would still have entailed costs beyond their family’s capacity. Ofelia, the TBA, said she learned the trade “just from watching” other hilots in her family assist mothers at birth. Among Ofelia’s arsenal of skills: plucking hair from the mother’s head and placing it on the mother’s belly “to ease the delivery.”

By Rina Jimenez-David
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 06:07:00 09/22/2010

Many of the women in Baseco continue to use The Hilot……she is not a professional………the results CAN be tragic

BBB can allow women the freedom to have a birth with proper Birth Attendants, their chance of survival increases dramatically!

You can see in the following graph that the poorest women do not use Birth Attendants

See my post  Truth and Reality for some more facts on Birth in Manila

Source: Macro International Inc, 2011. MEASURE DHS STATcompiler.
http://www.measuredhs.com, June 14 2011.

Olivia’s story is an avertable one!

Olivia’s Tragedy……..one baby too many!

“In the Philippines 11 women die every day due to pregnancy and childbirth related


(Guttmacher Institute /UPPI Study 2009)

Here is a short story that will actually “show” you what it is like for women and children to live in a world of poverty and deprivation, this Barungay is very similar to Baseco.

I have sat and eat and nursed babies in houses almost identical to the ones in this video, Olivia had 9 children this is the story of her 10th.

There are hundreds of children in Baseco that have faced this situation, alone with no mother.

Some may find a relative, some will just fend for themselves

There is no care and support  like a mother’s love

It is irreplacable

BBBabies alleviates some of the battles these women face daily, through tubal ligation, money for contraception and more

In some cases it will, without hesitation,  prevent death!


This is simply an avertable tragedy

In Jesus, in love


New Friends in Baseco…..Likhaan

We have met new friends in Baseco……

I have been fairly committed and prayful about seeing some professional “legs” in Baseco, many many times help is needed when we (Mark, Christine especially) are not there. If BBB is to be truly effective there must be nationals that can impart to their own woman……we have found them!

In our old house we affectionately knew as White House, it has transformed and become known as Purple House…..it is now home to a NGO Family Planning organisation called Likhaan. There are midwives and community workers that live here permanently in Baseco, dedicated to women’s health and family planning. What a blessing!

Check out their website it is truly inspirational

Likhaan Website

This is also a very informative video by a person who met Likhaan workers and their work in Manila

These girls and women blessed my heart they have dedicated their lives to the lives of others, they are Chistians and now attend Jn14:12………

I will be blogging about them and their input in Baseco more in the future I just wanted you to meet them.

God is good, He provides all things in the right time!

Blessings Cathy

Irene and Bonovic are some of the leaders in Jn14:12 many of you will have met them. Irene is such a gracious sweet lady….they have had another baby boy, a healthy 2.5kgs! Looks like Dad! Irene also is vital to the BBBabies programme she is our liaison person, our women come to her for vitamins and money etc, she distributes to them……writes up the details. We appreciate her so much, now she has another gorgeous life to raise for God! Congrats to the Humawan family!

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Irenes new little boy. Born Friday night. 2.5 kgs. All fat and healthy.

Mum and child doing well.

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