Olivia’s Tragedy……..one baby too many!

“In the Philippines 11 women die every day due to pregnancy and childbirth related


(Guttmacher Institute /UPPI Study 2009)

Here is a short story that will actually “show” you what it is like for women and children to live in a world of poverty and deprivation, this Barungay is very similar to Baseco.

I have sat and eat and nursed babies in houses almost identical to the ones in this video, Olivia had 9 children this is the story of her 10th.

There are hundreds of children in Baseco that have faced this situation, alone with no mother.

Some may find a relative, some will just fend for themselves

There is no care and support  like a mother’s love

It is irreplacable

BBBabies alleviates some of the battles these women face daily, through tubal ligation, money for contraception and more

In some cases it will, without hesitation,  prevent death!


This is simply an avertable tragedy

In Jesus, in love


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