Women We Find…….

Grace Garcia has been sponsored by BBB through the amazing efforts of the women from Lighthouse Church

Her story is one of incredible hardship and courage


When Mark found Grace she was 37 years old, had 7 children with another on the way (8 months pregnant)

Her story reflects the brutality of life in an Urban Slum

Her husband was a scavenger, who day by day actually made his living searching and finding junk in the rubbish that could be sold or used. they obviously were very poor, in fact probably one of the poorest types of people in Baseco.

A week before Mark found her, her husband was doing his normal work scavenging and an argument developed over rubbish. He was shot in the head and died instantly,  the shooter was not caught. in fact the police probably did not try all that hard as he was merely a scavenger!

He left behind 7 children and a pregnant wife Grace,

Imagine if that happened to one of our sisters, or church members?

On top  of this overwhelming tragedy, Grace’s house was flooded and then was smashed up by a storm that raged in Baseco one night. No husband, no money, no protection and 8 months pregnant, with 7 kids to look after as well.

I think you would want to curl up and die! Really!

However, God knew she needed help and miraculously Mark found her, helped her, rebuilt her house, supplied her with relief food and sponsored her Birth………….that is really what it is about, helping the widowed, the orphaned and the poor! Read here on Mark’s blog for the full story

Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.
Mother Teresa

I think Grace’s life has been touched by God, she will never be the same again! No wonder she smiles!


Fruit of The Barossa

The Barossa Rotary Club in the recent past has sponsored some Births

They are beginning to filter through as well

See THIS PAGE for details

This birth was a first though

Baby Janine received one of many hand sown, waterproofed backed quilts from our dear and treasured Barb Granzien in The Barossa Valley

Barb has had a deep burden for these gorgeous mum’s and babies in the Manilan slum, she cannot go……she is one of our and wiser women in the church!! , but she can SEW!

This dear woman has sewn 15 or more EXQUISITE quilts for these gorgeous BBBabies. All with a sweet note of love and a scripture on the back!

It does not take much to make a difference but Barb has! Used the gift that God has given her and used it to bless others!

I am excited, anyone can do it!

Everyone can make a difference!


This little baby Janine will safely lie on the floor of her house with Barb’s Quilt!!!


The Barossa has great fruit flowing from it, not just physically but spiritually!











More Beautiful Babies!!

Once again we have more babies to proudly show off!

Lorna Daverao



37 years old

3 children 8months preg

Husband works in construction

Needs follow up Birth Control or Ligation Likhaan

This is her baby Richard as a Newborn, she is a very proud breastfeeder

Lorna.. Richard 2.9.milk

Here is Richard a month or so later


Here is Rubelyn  Asibido

Rubelyn Asibido


27 years old

3 children 3 months preg Husband works in Divisoria

Needs follow up Birth Control Likhaan

She gave birth to a lovely baby girl Evangelista, born on Dec 17th, so she is very new!


Robelyn Asebedo, baby Evangelista, dec 17, 4th child(1)

Your babies are starting to filter through Debbie

Thanks again for your continued support

Blessings Cathy

Rolina’s Story




Rolina has a sad story, one of the many kinds of hardships  faced by the women of Baseco.

She has 4 children we sponsored her last pregnancy.

She has separated from her husband, who provides her with no money.

She now lives with her parents.

Rolina must work full time to support her children, she works very hard. She is what is considered a good mother, not lazy. She makes and sells  sweet rice with her parents.

This story of hardship has an impact on children, the baby we sponsored at the time we interviewed her was 6months old. He was not living with Rolina, due to her circumstances she had to give her baby boy John Paul to her sister in the province, who cares for him fulltime (this is a common practice in Manila). When time and money  permit she visits him and her sister visits Baseco with the baby.

But the reality is they are separated

Responsibility drives Rolina to give up her baby, but she cried as I prayed for her. This is not what she wants.

Hundreds an hundreds of women face the same hardships. Rolina is perhaps one of the lucky ones, she has supportive parents, who have work for her, she has a kind sister who actually wants the baby, who is able to take the baby. Many women do not!

Such is the harsh world of an Urban slum!

Beautiful New Babies- Lighthouse Women’s Ministry

Here is a small recap for you about your mothers and a photo with their baby

19 Rosalie Malabago –


19years old

1 child 6months preg

Husband works in Divisoria market



Organise with Likhaan for Birth Control

She has had  a gorgeous son John Michael 2.8kg.

JRosalie Malabago and John Michael, 2.8 kgsohn Michael 2.8 kg    Rosalie Malabago

18 Maricar Hague


25years old

3children 7months preg – Husband has no consistent work



Organise with Likhaan for Birth Control

Maricar has had a baby boy, Ben Hamin 3.42kg

Maricar Hague Ben Hamin    Maricar Hague Ben Hamin 3.42 kgs

Ma Sorya Villarosa


32years old

2children 6months preg

Husband has no work



Organise with Likhaan for Birth Control

Sorya had a little boy as well, John Lloyd 3kg. Mother and baby well

Soraya villa Rosa.. John loyd 3

4 Nelly Lierma


28 years old

5children 7months preg

Husband a stall vendor



Organise with Likhaan for Birth control

Nelly had a gorgeous baby girl called Princess Cheyna (pronounced Sheena, many babies are called Prince or Princess in Manila 🙂 ) 2.9 kg

Nelly Lerma & princess chyna2.9     Nelly

29 Myra Geraldizo –


30 years old

5children 7 months preg Has no husband



Organise with Likhaan for Birth Control

Myra has had a baby girl Kriztal 3.2kg

Myra      Myrah and kriztel 3.2kg

Grace Garcia

6 Grace Garcia



37years old

7 children 8months preg Husband was a scavenger-died Aug2012, a week before we found her. See post



Organise with Likhaan for poss ligation

Had a beautiful baby girl



More to come……..

Once again, these babies are healthy and big. This is definitely the positive effects of vitamins, prenatal care and a safe birthing environment.

You have a small positive part in these babies’ lives. Be encouraged, they have a better start in life, thanks to you!

Yours in Christ and motherhood

Cathy, Mark and Chris

“What I do you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” Mother Teresa