Beautiful New Babies- Lighthouse Women’s Ministry

Here is a small recap for you about your mothers and a photo with their baby

19 Rosalie Malabago –


19years old

1 child 6months preg

Husband works in Divisoria market



Organise with Likhaan for Birth Control

She has had  a gorgeous son John Michael 2.8kg.

JRosalie Malabago and John Michael, 2.8 kgsohn Michael 2.8 kg    Rosalie Malabago

18 Maricar Hague


25years old

3children 7months preg – Husband has no consistent work



Organise with Likhaan for Birth Control

Maricar has had a baby boy, Ben Hamin 3.42kg

Maricar Hague Ben Hamin    Maricar Hague Ben Hamin 3.42 kgs

Ma Sorya Villarosa


32years old

2children 6months preg

Husband has no work



Organise with Likhaan for Birth Control

Sorya had a little boy as well, John Lloyd 3kg. Mother and baby well

Soraya villa Rosa.. John loyd 3

4 Nelly Lierma


28 years old

5children 7months preg

Husband a stall vendor



Organise with Likhaan for Birth control

Nelly had a gorgeous baby girl called Princess Cheyna (pronounced Sheena, many babies are called Prince or Princess in Manila 🙂 ) 2.9 kg

Nelly Lerma & princess chyna2.9     Nelly

29 Myra Geraldizo –


30 years old

5children 7 months preg Has no husband



Organise with Likhaan for Birth Control

Myra has had a baby girl Kriztal 3.2kg

Myra      Myrah and kriztel 3.2kg

Grace Garcia

6 Grace Garcia



37years old

7 children 8months preg Husband was a scavenger-died Aug2012, a week before we found her. See post



Organise with Likhaan for poss ligation

Had a beautiful baby girl



More to come……..

Once again, these babies are healthy and big. This is definitely the positive effects of vitamins, prenatal care and a safe birthing environment.

You have a small positive part in these babies’ lives. Be encouraged, they have a better start in life, thanks to you!

Yours in Christ and motherhood

Cathy, Mark and Chris

“What I do you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” Mother Teresa

4 thoughts on “Beautiful New Babies- Lighthouse Women’s Ministry”

  1. Hi Cathy Sorry to hear about the Injury to your wrist? I didn’t know about it. These Injuries certainly slow you down. We are heading back to Mel tomorrow after being away for 9 weeks. 4 weeks in UK honoring my dad on his 90th and 3 weeks mission in Ghana and Zambia lots of ministry – certainly been challenging and stretching. Lots of ministry and actually shared a bit about BBB in passing at a ladies meeting in UK. The pastors wife gave me 40 pounds, I couldn’t believe it.

    Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures. I will share them with our ladies when I get back and have our high tea first sat in feb. they will be inspired to do what they can.

    Your updating means so much to us tho I do realise its not easy to do

    I think I should take some women over on a missions trip but just not sure how to go about it? Any ideas?

    Do you ever come over to melb? If so it would be good to catchup and get you to share with our women.

    We are in Brunei for a few days r n r before heading back thx again for this update.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Hi Pauline

      So exciting about your travels! Very challenging! My arm will still take a while to heal it is very immobile. Not good! But God is better! The pictures filter through slowly from Manila. But as soon as I get them I will let you know.

      Are you wanting to go to Manila, there is lots of opportunity to minister/love on people in Baseco. Probably a good way to start is to read Marks gear on a team……it is very self explanatory. It is not hard to stay in Manila, even in a good motel, it only takes 15 min to get to the slum.

      Chat to him, you could worm kids, preach, go o home groups etc etc always busy………

      I am never in Melb but perhaps i could make a trip sometime…… are very close my husband (he is a Pastor 🙂 ) could come too! We like to drive!!

      If there is a special date you think would work I could try?

      Blessings and have a great rest of the holiday, hope not much jetlag!


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