Rolina’s Story




Rolina has a sad story, one of the many kinds of hardships  faced by the women of Baseco.

She has 4 children we sponsored her last pregnancy.

She has separated from her husband, who provides her with no money.

She now lives with her parents.

Rolina must work full time to support her children, she works very hard. She is what is considered a good mother, not lazy. She makes and sells  sweet rice with her parents.

This story of hardship has an impact on children, the baby we sponsored at the time we interviewed her was 6months old. He was not living with Rolina, due to her circumstances she had to give her baby boy John Paul to her sister in the province, who cares for him fulltime (this is a common practice in Manila). When time and money  permit she visits him and her sister visits Baseco with the baby.

But the reality is they are separated

Responsibility drives Rolina to give up her baby, but she cried as I prayed for her. This is not what she wants.

Hundreds an hundreds of women face the same hardships. Rolina is perhaps one of the lucky ones, she has supportive parents, who have work for her, she has a kind sister who actually wants the baby, who is able to take the baby. Many women do not!

Such is the harsh world of an Urban slum!


2 thoughts on “Rolina’s Story”

    1. Me too larry, she is such a lovely lady too, she was so embarrassed telling me what had happened ….like she was ashamed. Poor thing, all I could do was pray and love her…….

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