Fruit of The Barossa

The Barossa Rotary Club in the recent past has sponsored some Births

They are beginning to filter through as well

See THIS PAGE for details

This birth was a first though

Baby Janine received one of many hand sown, waterproofed backed quilts from our dear and treasured Barb Granzien in The Barossa Valley

Barb has had a deep burden for these gorgeous mum’s and babies in the Manilan slum, she cannot go……she is one of our and wiser women in the church!! , but she can SEW!

This dear woman has sewn 15 or more EXQUISITE quilts for these gorgeous BBBabies. All with a sweet note of love and a scripture on the back!

It does not take much to make a difference but Barb has! Used the gift that God has given her and used it to bless others!

I am excited, anyone can do it!

Everyone can make a difference!


This little baby Janine will safely lie on the floor of her house with Barb’s Quilt!!!


The Barossa has great fruit flowing from it, not just physically but spiritually!











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