Empowering Kids to Help

Recently I have seen a trend with kids wanting to help BBBabies….parents have shown an interest but the kids have raised money to sponsor a birth. At the moment we have a Kids Club and a Mainly Music programme at Impact Church in the Barossa Valley madly saving bottles and plastics to sponsor one birth. They made it to 2! See the post Here

Another family has cooked, drawn pictures, sold old toys and much more to sponsor 3 families. One little girl proudly told everyone that she has raised the money for her baby.

That is life giving. That is allowing the next generation to show compassion and to do something about it!

These mothers have now had their babies, so the kids in The Valley have helped to make the lives of these babies better. Here are the lives they touched.

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Thanks to parents and Leaders who help and facilitate their kids to make a difference, to do something and to touch another life. I stand amazed and humbled. People are actually awesome!


Cath xxx