Empowering Kids to Give

Over the past year we have seen over 6 births sponsored by kids and kids groups in Australia.

I will be posting about some of these success stories soon.

What an absolute encouragement to see children excited to give and raise money for babies in other nations. These kids have a lasting impact on the children in a developing nation!

How did they do it?

Up Kids Club in South Australia raised money simply by collecting recyclable cans and bottle for a term, they raised enough money for nearly 2 births!


The church now has a permanent recycling bin which pours money into BBBabies.  The power we have to give is simply in our perspective. Finding money is not hard when we look!



We have another family who have just raised enough money for 4 births…. two births were raised totally by Miss S (then 8 years old)  ALONE! She sold toys, clothes and baked for her Babies!

Sometimes it is  a matter of perspective, sometimes it is opening the door to kids and empowering them to give and be generous. As adults it is a gift we can give our kids!

Be challenged as you lead the next generation of leaders

Let’s make this world a world of diversity and colour, compassion and grace. A world where we share resources and poverty is challenged!


Hugs Cathy




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