Perfect Match

There are moments I just know God has orchestrated as I travel this BBB road.

This trip brought a wonderful moment to excite and encourage me on the way.

I had a dear mum of many here in Australia ask to sponsor a lady in the Philippines, but she wanted a mum she could engage with, pray for and love on….a family she could “adopt” and call theirs…. a spiritual Filipino family. So armed with this knowledge I had one eye open for this “family” and mum as I traipsed through the slums

It was nearing the end of this trip and I still did not know or have an idea who this mum and family would be as there had to certain criteria she fell into (for accountability etc) and future relationship development.

On one of the last remaining days we heard that a dear Jn14;12 friend became pregnant, through some pretty dismal circumstances. We cried together as sisters and mothers, we rejoiced that God gave her this baby and I very quickly realised she was THE MUM for my sponsor here is SA.

It was a Perfect Match!


Here is Edna with 2 of her 5 boys


God knew!

He knits people together and has a plan beyond my dreams! Edna knows about her sponsor and will now grow in a new relationship with a sister thousands of miles away. Perhaps one day they will meet in the flesh!

Perhaps it will be in heaven or before!

Relationship is how we change lives not just money! I know my sponsor here in Australia will love her as if she was next door!

I am happy to be part of this process!


Matilde: True Willingness To Learn

I have known this lady for nearly 5 years now…

She was one of my faithful attendees at my well attended and much loved Gasungan Birthing Classes many years ago.

She is a leader in this small fellowship and has been faithful .

I wrote a quote in the linked blog on Gasungan ladies and our ‘Tilde is a living example of a true learner

You don’t need fancy highbrow traditions or money to really learn. You just need people with the desire to better themselves.

Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, Accepted, 2006


I just love this photo of her, relaxed feeding her big 9lb baby, we think that is a BBB record!  Very healthy little Aleah!

Sometimes I like to take a moment and smell the roses and rejoice in mothering with these ladies, the great equalizer and bond in the earth is birthing….we are all born through a mother and a father… and poor, black or white, male or female, the lawyer and the pedicab driver we are all equal.

Birth proves it!

Selah Cathy



Updated New Births for Melody

NEWS UPDATE! Brand new babies born!



Matilde Abitona


Background and History

  • I have known Matilde for years now, she has belonged to our Gasungun fellowship and church for years
  • She attended every single one of my Birthing classes originally in 2009
  • She is 34 years old
  • She has 4 children this is her 5th
  • Her husband Leo is a carpenter and is 38 years old
  • Their children are well cared for and loved
  • She is 3 months pregnant in this photo

Pregnancy and Birth

  • Matilde had a good pregnancy and when we visited her 2 weeks before her bay was born she was well, albeit uncomfortable!
  • The baby was in a good position and we all hoped she was going to have the baby when we were in Baseco, but it was not to be
  • Her baby girl was born on Friday the 15th of May weighing a hefty 9lb
  • Ps Marivic had the honour of…

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Leave a Legacy…….

Today I was ploughing through my unread emails since coming back from Birthing Better Babies Philippines where I was teaching in the slums with a dedicated team of midwives. I was shocked and saddened to read that my Childbirth Education Mentor and Coordinator of the course I completed Andrea Robertson founder of Birth International died of a massive heart attack.


She spent time with me, lots of it. Having NO midwifery background myself, she encouraged me and provoked me to be a Mother/Teacher and not to be intimidated about who I was and to flaunt it and use it. Andrea was a great role model and mentor. I am deeply saddened by her loss.

The synchronisation of this event was not lost on me.

Here I was…….In Baseco Manila, that very week, in an Urban slum teaching Childbirth Classes with midwives and nurses. Her legacy lives on…… as I taught my girls and ladies to walk their fingers around their pelvis, to respect every woman who crossed my path, all my adult education training stretched to the max were all part of Andrea’s teaching, philosophies and words. It is too late to thank her but perhaps she knew the ripple effect.

I honour her wisdom and zest, helping women and birth in Australia and beyond.

I wrote to her son and shared with him what we are doing in Manila, Andrea is in many ways so much of my inspiration to do the things I do… is what I wrote to him.

Andrea spent time with me personally and very patiently encouraged me to complete my degree. Having no midwifery training it was a steep learning curve with 5 children of my own as well. She encouraged me to be Mother/Teacher which is something I carry to this day.

She has a rich legacy, I use her techniques and methods everywhere I go. She really is Birth International. From the cities to the slums her legacy is being heard.

Her life was inspirational, alive and life giving, her ripple effect will live on.

So very thankful to have known her in a small way.

My mothers in Manila will never know Andreas’ name but they are affected by her in many ways, they are informed and learning. That I believe was Andreas’ heart.

Just thought that you might want to know that at the very day and time of her funeral we were teaching a group of  Women in untouched slum. We were teaching Body Awareness, Nurturing and Breastfeeding Class. These women have never spoken to a nurse, or been touched by another Western women at all. We had to be very gentle. (Photos enclosed)

So beautiful, I think Andrea would have been happy.


20150505_105112_resized(1) 20150505_105326_resized(1) 20150505_105342_resized(1) 20150505_160132_resized(1)

It encouraged me to again leave a legacy and mentor those younger than me……

It is a simple enough thing, we should leave disciples wherever we go!

Today is a sad happy day for me,

The world will be a better place because of the life of this great woman and mentor


Memorial Day 5 years ago…………….Our First “Birthing Better Baby” Born

Today I am doing a Happy dance….today marks the very first birth of a BBBaby! 5 years ago the small seed was planted and Australia took it……now we have sponsors worldwide, churches, mothers, families and companies even nursing homes who have sponsored Births in Baseco. Thanks to all my sponsors, mentors, friends and colleagues who have made a dream reality. But thanks to Ps Mark and Chris, Ps Marivic and the National team who keep BBB alive while we are not there. Without you we are nothing!


Just a very quick news flash, our very first mother to be sponsored in Baseco has had a baby girl……she was born yesterday May 14th in hospital as arranged.

She has arrived safely without complications. We are so excited, thanks to all my prayer warriors who have prayed for dear Cherri and her birth.

It is exciting that this is our first baby, our first fruit!!

Let’s expect many many more babies born from poverty elevated to a better place……..

I am excited

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Without love…..


Without love, without heart we are nothing…

No degree, no intelligence, no papers qualify us to others more than love.

That is why all are welcome to help with Birthing Better Babies, if we have love we have something to give.


I would prefer a less qualified lover of people than a qualified professional.

Of these things the greatest is LOVE.

Selah on this Thoughtful Thursday!