Memorial Day 5 years ago…………….Our First “Birthing Better Baby” Born

Today I am doing a Happy dance….today marks the very first birth of a BBBaby! 5 years ago the small seed was planted and Australia took it……now we have sponsors worldwide, churches, mothers, families and companies even nursing homes who have sponsored Births in Baseco. Thanks to all my sponsors, mentors, friends and colleagues who have made a dream reality. But thanks to Ps Mark and Chris, Ps Marivic and the National team who keep BBB alive while we are not there. Without you we are nothing!


Just a very quick news flash, our very first mother to be sponsored in Baseco has had a baby girl……she was born yesterday May 14th in hospital as arranged.

She has arrived safely without complications. We are so excited, thanks to all my prayer warriors who have prayed for dear Cherri and her birth.

It is exciting that this is our first baby, our first fruit!!

Let’s expect many many more babies born from poverty elevated to a better place……..

I am excited

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