Perfect Match

There are moments I just know God has orchestrated as I travel this BBB road.

This trip brought a wonderful moment to excite and encourage me on the way.

I had a dear mum of many here in Australia ask to sponsor a lady in the Philippines, but she wanted a mum she could engage with, pray for and love on….a family she could “adopt” and call theirs…. a spiritual Filipino family. So armed with this knowledge I had one eye open for this “family” and mum as I traipsed through the slums

It was nearing the end of this trip and I still did not know or have an idea who this mum and family would be as there had to certain criteria she fell into (for accountability etc) and future relationship development.

On one of the last remaining days we heard that a dear Jn14;12 friend became pregnant, through some pretty dismal circumstances. We cried together as sisters and mothers, we rejoiced that God gave her this baby and I very quickly realised she was THE MUM for my sponsor here is SA.

It was a Perfect Match!


Here is Edna with 2 of her 5 boys


God knew!

He knits people together and has a plan beyond my dreams! Edna knows about her sponsor and will now grow in a new relationship with a sister thousands of miles away. Perhaps one day they will meet in the flesh!

Perhaps it will be in heaven or before!

Relationship is how we change lives not just money! I know my sponsor here in Australia will love her as if she was next door!

I am happy to be part of this process!


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