Babies Having Babies



I only just posted about my 6 plus teen pregnancies in Baseco when Pastora Marivic sent me this set of simply heartbreakingly gorgeous photos of a BBBaby mum Danica.

Danica is one of our teen pregnancies only 16 years old and her sweet baby girl Khaira Kate Narce was born on the 10th of June.

She was confined in Hospital for one week as she and the baby had an infection due to a urine infection in Pregnancy, probably untreated until the delivery.  BBBabies helped this young girl with all of her Hospital expenses which probably would have been impossible to pay without us.

They are well and Khaira is being breastfed fully.

I am grateful we were able to help her but saddened that another young girl has began the journey to motherhood at such a young age. Pray we can turn the tide of teenage pregnancy in Baseco. Really agree that we can make a difference to the girls in this area.

A very sweet baby born to a very sweet girl!





Too Soon Too Young

Please look at these faces

20150507_113709 20150507_114201


20150501_120833  20150505_152413

All these beautiful girls are 19 years and under

The youngest is a 13 year old.


These faces are the faces of girls who have had their childhood and education cheated away from them because of ignorance and lack of education.

They will be destined to a life which statistically keeps them in a lower wage bracket and trapped in a cycle of poverty.


BBB is committed to Educating the teens in Baseco.

This cycle needs to stop.

There must be a generation of nurturing women educators and midwives who will rise up and end it.

It starts with us.

Make a difference come on a team, join with us as we fight the battle of ignorance.

New Things…

When we visited Baseco and Don Boscoe in May we started a new initiative Body Awareness Classes. The main thrust of this programme was Teaching the girls about their body. We had about 40 girls attend. 20150502_140112


We have been alarmed on numerous occasions by the simple lack of knowledge and sheer ignorance that girls and even child bearing women have….

Not that it is their fault, the doctors treat women as generally ignorant (which is unfortunately truth) but kept ignorant deliberately…

The teachers are embarrassed and very traditional in sex education classes, I have been told that the sex ed class consisted of simply chastisement if they do get pregnant. No knowledge, no information, no wisdom is imparted. Just embarrassment and confusion.

Many girls are too shy and confused to ask what is happening to their bodies and why.  Naturally they fall easily into situations that cause pregnancy and voilà a baby!


Armed with some basic props and some great interpreters we began to tackle some priority issues including


  • Teaching them about their bits,  what is actually inside them
  • Teaching them the proper names for their organs, naming = power
  • Teaching the girls HOW a baby is concieved
  • Boys body parts and how they are made to make babies
  • Why they have periods
  • How a baby is born
  • How to stop babies being born, good decisions, personal safety, marriage, life partners.
  • Focusing on education, those who stay in school are less likely to have early pregnancies.




20150502_141819    20150502_142622


It was a great success, the girls were animated, engaged and some even asked questions and became vocal about their body and what was evolving in them……

20150502_142905     20150502_142913


Yes a drop in the ocean, but if we can prevent one girl having one baby too early  we have won.

BBB can make a difference one girl at a time

This generation will be better off than the last!

I am defiant. Well God and I 🙂





Emerald Cilso

I was in the market, and some came up behind me and jabbed me in the ribs, happens a lot…

Turned around to see this smiling little face…


Emerald Cilso, she is severely mentally retarded, I think she is has cerebral palsy (not really sure). She was about 13 when we first met her. We sponsored her in kindergarten for maybe 4 years, she loved it. She can’t talk, but she has learned to communicate enough to be understood. If she ever sees us she comes up with the biggest smile and gives you a huge hug, just cute.

She is 21, and 4mths pregnant. I think she was first pregnant at 17 to some animal in his 40’s. Everyone who hears that over here goes “tut tut tut”, then continued on their merry eat. So wrong.

Once the baby was born, family just took it off her, suppose they will do the same with this one… I have no doubt that Emerald would not be able to adequately care for a baby.

But in an ungodly culture with almost no morals at all, no one thinks about doing something with the pervert who is repeatedly having sex with an intellectually handicapped girl.

If I was her father, the first time this happened I possibly would of kicked the animal hard and repeatedly until nothing between his legs ever worked again…but of course I am a Christian, so I am not allowed to say that or even think that (guess someone must of hacked my site). Parenting, not really done all that well over here.

One of the things BBB does, is just get accurate information into the hands and hopefully the minds of some of the young girls before they get pregnant. I am not sure it can really help some one like Emerald, although her first baby was a BBB birth. In Emeralds case, it’s just a crime and the guy should go to jail, definitely should of the first time.

When it comes to sex, body awareness and babies, ignorance is definitely not bliss. The more accurate information that can get into cultures where the topic is almost taboo, the better.

We are very grateful to everyone who supports BBB. Every little thing that we can contribute, education or expertise wise, practical care or just sponsoring a birth, together it can all begin to make an impact. Thank you for your support, we pray it continues, there is so much to be done.

Perly Onio

BBB has had its second major tragedy.

Perly Onio, gave birth just recently. Unfortunately on the 12th of June, her baby, only weeks old, went back to Jesus.

Unfortunately we have very few details. The 23 year old mum, with 3 children already, either didn’t understand what the Dr said or perhaps did not ask for further details concerning the death of her child. Often Dr’s here tell the poor very little anyway, even if they ask, it’s a very unusual system, very impersonal.

All we know is that the baby was sick for a few days, for some reason mum did not seek medical help, or help from ourselves, by the time she did venture to a hospital, the baby died that night.

The mother herself has just been confined to hospital with something in her uterus, that is either due to or causing a virus. The Dr thinks that this might be what caused the new borns death as well. He thinks she probably had this issue in the last stages of her pregnancy.

She still had funds in her BBB account and so we have been able to assist Perly with expenses in the hospital. Her young husband has not been home for 3 months, other family are looking after her three other children. It’s a very lonely world for Perly at the moment.

BBB does great work, but we live in a very real world, a harsh world, where sometimes things go wrong.

Please pray for Perly, she has suffered a huge loss, and she still has her own medical battle to fight and then grief to deal with.

This is WHY we need BBB


This is Michelle, she will be 14 this coming Saturday the 13th of June. She is 4 months pregnant.

Her husband (very loose term, used to describe whoever got you pregnant) is 17. He does work…but with no education for either them, this is a very harsh start to life. They have only been together for 6mths. The boy already has a drinking problem and is one of those heroes who punches 13 year old pregnant girls (we will be having words).

Parenting is not much of a concept in the culture. Ps Marivic is chatting away with her right now, poor girl knows nothing, but she very friendly and easy to talk to, she wants to know things. Marivic is talking to her about contraceptives and future family planning. One of our leaders will be taking her for her first check up today. They both come from broken families. The only hope they have is Jesus, and us.

It will take the grace of God to make this work, and even then, the difficulties that wait for them are huge. If the guy sticks around that we be a miracle, he has no concept of his responsibilities in this situation, they are both just kids.

Some lessons here…

– basic body awareness and sex education is desperately needed in this country…

– we really need to keep the girls in school as long as possible, it’s a statically proven birth control method for the poor…

– young people need vision and purpose, a destination to walk towards, we may love, care and encourage them as much as we can…

– when we find kids like this we need to love them and help them as if they were our own children.

Michele is in our Birthing Better Babies program, she will get all of the help she needs, and more…she will get Jesus…


Here is the details and the link to Michele’s sponsor CLICK HERE