This is WHY we need BBB


This is Michelle, she will be 14 this coming Saturday the 13th of June. She is 4 months pregnant.

Her husband (very loose term, used to describe whoever got you pregnant) is 17. He does work…but with no education for either them, this is a very harsh start to life. They have only been together for 6mths. The boy already has a drinking problem and is one of those heroes who punches 13 year old pregnant girls (we will be having words).

Parenting is not much of a concept in the culture. Ps Marivic is chatting away with her right now, poor girl knows nothing, but she very friendly and easy to talk to, she wants to know things. Marivic is talking to her about contraceptives and future family planning. One of our leaders will be taking her for her first check up today. They both come from broken families. The only hope they have is Jesus, and us.

It will take the grace of God to make this work, and even then, the difficulties that wait for them are huge. If the guy sticks around that we be a miracle, he has no concept of his responsibilities in this situation, they are both just kids.

Some lessons here…

– basic body awareness and sex education is desperately needed in this country…

– we really need to keep the girls in school as long as possible, it’s a statically proven birth control method for the poor…

– young people need vision and purpose, a destination to walk towards, we may love, care and encourage them as much as we can…

– when we find kids like this we need to love them and help them as if they were our own children.

Michele is in our Birthing Better Babies program, she will get all of the help she needs, and more…she will get Jesus…


Here is the details and the link to Michele’s sponsor CLICK HERE

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