Perly Onio

BBB has had its second major tragedy.

Perly Onio, gave birth just recently. Unfortunately on the 12th of June, her baby, only weeks old, went back to Jesus.

Unfortunately we have very few details. The 23 year old mum, with 3 children already, either didn’t understand what the Dr said or perhaps did not ask for further details concerning the death of her child. Often Dr’s here tell the poor very little anyway, even if they ask, it’s a very unusual system, very impersonal.

All we know is that the baby was sick for a few days, for some reason mum did not seek medical help, or help from ourselves, by the time she did venture to a hospital, the baby died that night.

The mother herself has just been confined to hospital with something in her uterus, that is either due to or causing a virus. The Dr thinks that this might be what caused the new borns death as well. He thinks she probably had this issue in the last stages of her pregnancy.

She still had funds in her BBB account and so we have been able to assist Perly with expenses in the hospital. Her young husband has not been home for 3 months, other family are looking after her three other children. It’s a very lonely world for Perly at the moment.

BBB does great work, but we live in a very real world, a harsh world, where sometimes things go wrong.

Please pray for Perly, she has suffered a huge loss, and she still has her own medical battle to fight and then grief to deal with.


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