Emerald Cilso

I was in the market, and some came up behind me and jabbed me in the ribs, happens a lot…

Turned around to see this smiling little face…


Emerald Cilso, she is severely mentally retarded, I think she is has cerebral palsy (not really sure). She was about 13 when we first met her. We sponsored her in kindergarten for maybe 4 years, she loved it. She can’t talk, but she has learned to communicate enough to be understood. If she ever sees us she comes up with the biggest smile and gives you a huge hug, just cute.

She is 21, and 4mths pregnant. I think she was first pregnant at 17 to some animal in his 40’s. Everyone who hears that over here goes “tut tut tut”, then continued on their merry eat. So wrong.

Once the baby was born, family just took it off her, suppose they will do the same with this one… I have no doubt that Emerald would not be able to adequately care for a baby.

But in an ungodly culture with almost no morals at all, no one thinks about doing something with the pervert who is repeatedly having sex with an intellectually handicapped girl.

If I was her father, the first time this happened I possibly would of kicked the animal hard and repeatedly until nothing between his legs ever worked again…but of course I am a Christian, so I am not allowed to say that or even think that (guess someone must of hacked my site). Parenting, not really done all that well over here.

One of the things BBB does, is just get accurate information into the hands and hopefully the minds of some of the young girls before they get pregnant. I am not sure it can really help some one like Emerald, although her first baby was a BBB birth. In Emeralds case, it’s just a crime and the guy should go to jail, definitely should of the first time.

When it comes to sex, body awareness and babies, ignorance is definitely not bliss. The more accurate information that can get into cultures where the topic is almost taboo, the better.

We are very grateful to everyone who supports BBB. Every little thing that we can contribute, education or expertise wise, practical care or just sponsoring a birth, together it can all begin to make an impact. Thank you for your support, we pray it continues, there is so much to be done.

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