We Do It Better Together

This visit to Manila bought  many things to Birthing Better Babies including a team who partnered with BBBabies from Impact Church (in NSW and South Australia) which is incidentally MY church now! We planned and networked before we left but could not really SEE how things would work until our feet were on the ground in Baseco. It was a great journey!


Included in this team were Midwives, Student Midwives, Students aspiring to be nurses and normal mums and Nanas with a heart for the Women and Babes in Manila (and a few fellas who learnt a lot!!)  What a joy it was to work with them. Some words that spring to mind when I think about this team was


They laughed they cried they sweated and taught their hearts out

They shared my burden of teaching and we certainly achieved so much more together that I have done in the past by myself. It was a great 10 days, with lives from both nations impacted forever!

New babies and bellies


Classes in Don Bosco and Baseco


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Birthing Classes and some great homemade props, babies heads inside a skull teaching women NEVER SHAKE YOUR BABY


This team worked and sweated and cried for these beautiful mums in Baseco, they shared a burden and carried the weight.

Thanks Impact Team, until we do it again




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