Babies Having Babies

One of our greatest challenges in the Phillipines is Teen Pregnancies

We see it every time we visit the team on the ground in Baseco see it weekly, kids having kids.

This is Michelle she was 13 when she became pregnant

I see fear

I see pain in her face

Jesus help us make a difference


This is what I wrote about her when I came home from The Philippines last year, worth another blog!

This gorgeous girl is only 13 years old, she will be 14 soon, what is tragic is she knows little about herself her body and parenting.  Yet she is pregnant. Tragic early teen pregnancies like this should not happen, it creates a cycle of poverty and traps girls and teens in it for the rest of their lives. BBB are trying to do as much as possible to change this kind of event. Body awareness c;lasses are now mandatory for out church kids, they will know their bodies and how to avert pregnancies. It is a start. Slow and steady we will win this race.

  • Michelle is only 13 years old

  • She is 2-3 months pregnant

  • She has a boy who is only 16, and he is violent (see Mark’s blog on her situation) it explains how we Pastor these kids through these circumstances.

  • She lives in Block 15 with her mother (not married) they are cramped in a tiny house and peel garlic all day)


  • We met Michelle and we actually encouraged her to go to the Lying in Centre and she actually did. That is a good good sign. Often younger girls are too afraid and will not go. Michelle seems brave and willing which is a good sign.
  • We have also talked about contraception, she seems good about the idea.


The whole situation is so sad, grieves my heart that these babies who know nothing are having more babies. No childhood, no education no freedom. Tragic waste of life. Unless Jesus intervenes they live without a hope!



Just sayin’


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