New Era in BBB


We are embarking on a new BBB journey!

We are excited to tell you that The Philippines Government has rolled out a new incentive that allows all mothers to deliver for free in Public Hospitals. This is a tremendous national improvement and will most definitely relieve the high infant and maternal mortality rates.

This is an exciting development for all Filipino mothers and babies. However it does change how BBB works. Jn 14:12 are now developing new strategies and direction as we move BBB forward in 2018.

Education remains our priority, our young girls and teenagers are still getting pregnant and leaving school and education prematurely. This culture needs to shift. At the moment good clear education and body awareness classes are the priority,  birthing expenses are less of an issue.  However pregnancy testing and ultrasounds are still an ongoing expense for our mums.

In April I am going back to Baseco and together with Chris and Mark will assess how we move forward and best help these mothers and babies through Birthing Better Babies. Our focus this trip will be education and information gathering to ascertain the real facts pertaining to birthing (what is free, and what is not, what do we need to succeed?)

Sponsorship could look very different in 2018.


So stay tuned to new developments! We are excited change is always a good thing, it refocuses the old and gives birth (excuse the pun) to new things.

You are such a blessing to our mums, we know you will embrace this change and season of adaptation with excitement.

Pray for us for wisdom as we move forward.

Blessing always
Mark, Chris and Cathy