Denmark and Don Bosco


19 years first baby
She attended all classes at Don Bosco
Married to a Welder
She has had all checkups


Born Jan 5th 2017
Weight 4 kilos
Baby’s name is JanrayAlbar
She is Breastfeeding
Delivered at Gat Andres hospital with a normal delivery.
No family planning yet, was encouraged asap.


She is 16 years old this is her 1st baby
She attended all classes at Don Bosco
She has a 25 year old partner who sells plastic wear in Divisoria
She has had all check ups and all is ok after some initial bleeding, and she had 2 ultrasounds


Baby boy born on Feb 19th 2017
His name is Prince Nathan
He weighed 4kgs
She delivered in The Mother and Child Hospital with a normal delivery
She is fully breastfeeding
She also wants to use contraceptive, probably the implant and will go to the LikahanHealth centre to get one!

She is 20 years old
Her first baby
She attended all classes at Don Bosco
Married to a Laborer, she plans to move as she lives with her mother at the moment
she has been to check ups and they are all good
She had an Urinary Tract infection but recieved money from BBB to get medicine and she is better


She gave birth on Oct 28th 2016
The baby girl was named Mar Puronas and she was very healthy
Born in the Gat Andreas Hospital
She is fully breastfeeding

Aged 16 years
This is her first baby
She attended all classes at Don Bosco
Her husband is a scavenger (very very poor)
Been to hospital for checkups
Having some contractions but seems to be a false alarm

Baby born on 11th September 2016
Babies name is Khaitelyn de jesus
Was a good birth at Tondo Hospital
She is breastfeeding.


She is 18 years old
This is her first baby
She has a husband who owns a small store and they live in their own house
She is going to a Helth Centre and all is good
Had all checkups, had a Urinary Tract infection but it seems to have cleared.
She attended all Birthing Classes at Don Bosco

Baby born October 23rd 2016
Name is Terence Mucas
He weighed 3 kg
Had the baby at Tondo Hospital in a good delivery
She is breastfeeding the baby
They are both healthy

In conjuntion with John 14:12 WWM Philippines

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