Change a Life and Change the World

I just want to invite you to a Fund Raiser for Jn14:12 World Wide Ministries

We are having an evening of information, food and fun….I am speaking and telling the Jn14:12 story and how you can make a difference and change the world, one life at a time!

Where- Chop Stix Fullarton

Cost- $25.00 per head (part proceeds to Jn14;12)

Includes- Main Meal and Dessert

When- Wed 7th July

Time- 7.30pm

Please let me know if you are interested and I will email you a brochure.

Blessings Cathy


Announcing the Birth of “Maria Faith”

Well here we are, finally some photos of our first BBB baby Maria Faith and her proud Mama Cherri.

Gorgeous Maria Faith and Cherri looking beautiful!

She was born on the 14th of May. In hospital as planned. As far as we can tell most of our sponsorship costs and estimates have gone according to plan, especially as we have an Emergency Fund which covers extras such as CSections, Emergency Treatments such as blood, etc etc (which Cherri and Maria did not need thankfully)

The reports from Christine are excellent, she is feeding well, loves to sleep and has lots of hair!!

She actually looks like her dad Dan Dan!!

Well I think so!

The "Mother to the Mother" Nanay Christine, Cherri and OUR new baby Maria!

Keep Hope Alive Breakfast

What an exciting morning this turned out for me…….

Not only did I have the pleasure of talking to a gorgeous bunch of Barossa women about their purpose and destiny, I was TOTALLY awestruck when they gave me a substantial donation that enables 5 women to be sponsored through their pregnancy.

That is the exciting and wonderful part about the Kingdom of God, the generosity of His people  ( in this case women)

Thanks so much KHA and Amelia and the Team for allowing me the honour of coming and sharing with you all.

Your fruit in Baseco is in the form of healthy safe births!!

Our First “Birthing Better Baby” Born

Just a very quick news flash, our very first mother to be sponsored in Baseco has had a baby girl……she was born yesterday May 14th in hospital as arranged.

She has arrived safely without complications. We are so excited, thanks to all my prayer warriors who have prayed for dear Cherri and her birth.

It is exciting that this is our first baby, our first fruit!!

Let’s expect many many more babies born from poverty elevated to a better place……..

I am excited

Birthing Better Babies Update & News

Things are really starting to move now, Mark and Christine Pedder have finally returned permanantly to Baseco, after 6 months of coming and going (Mark especially) and Christine recovering from surgery. They are home now, which means they can evaluate the Sponsored Pregnancies and their effectiveness and iron out the wrinkles….

News and Events

  • We currently have funding for another 2 pregnancies, so we are  finding women in Baseco as we speak
  • I have just had the honour of speaking at the ladies ministry breakfast with Keep Hope Alive in the Barossa SA….we had a fun morning…skits, I enacted a birth (very funny) then I spoke about BBB…..and Baseco it was a great morning I had a ball there were probably 80 women there from all walks of life and even different denomonations. Those lovely ladies raised over $400 for BBB that means 4 more babies are born in safety not squalor! There is even money left over for our newly formed Emergency Fund for women in the programme and those who walk of the street. Thank you ladies I loved being with you!
  • I am updating photos as Mark has sent me new photographs of the women and their fat bellies! I am excited too
  • There are exciting opportunities for me to speak and share in the coming months so keep in touch and I will post information.
  • I have made contact with a group of Lutheran women who make birthing kits for developing nations like Papua Guinea , I am investigating getting kits for Baseco…very handy for emergency births and women who cannot afford a birth in a hospital

Thanks again for your interest and support…..we will change the world one birth at a time!!

This is our first sponsored lady Cheri, she is about to have the baby anyday….keep her in prayer for a safe and successful birth and postnatal period……keep posted for more news!

Meet Our First BBB Pregnancy – Cherry

I have just posted the first details on our first woman to be Sponsored by BBB Cherry…………..I just think it is so exciting I am posting it here too

In future all I will register and post all sponsored ladies under that section/tab so anyone who has sponsored a women can see the progress and hopefully even the baby!!

For now I am very pleased to introduce you to Cherry a special pregnant friend


This is our very first Sponsored women Cherry, she is one of Jn 14:12’s leaders in the church, she is really acting as a pilot woman for us, as we make sure the money we have provided is sufficient, and ironing out distributing bugs etc

This is a photo of her with her gorgeous daughter Diane who is around two years old, and keeps Cherry very busy she is active and wanders around and moves very quickly….I remember many times running after her and around corners…..she is fast!!!

You can imagine that Cherry would be tired as she carries a new little babe!

Cherry is married to Dan Dan and has another daughter Danielle who is about 4 years old.

She has actually had four pregnancies but only two children have survived, this is the tough life this women must face continually in Baseco, death becomes second nature as babies simply may not survive. Hopefully with this pregnancy things will fare better and she will find the support that she has not had previously.

She is about 6 months pregnant now and will be due in May sometime……

Pray for her she is a beautiful Christian and loves Jesus…..she is Pastor Annie’s sister too!!!!

Ohhh and pray for her because she does NOT like injections!!! In hospital she will have a few for tetnus etc

In conjuntion with John 14:12 WWM Philippines