Babies Having Babies

One of our greatest challenges in the Phillipines is Teen Pregnancies

We see it every time we visit the team on the ground in Baseco see it weekly, kids having kids.

This is Michelle she was 13 when she became pregnant

I see fear

I see pain in her face

Jesus help us make a difference


This is what I wrote about her when I came home from The Philippines last year, worth another blog!

This gorgeous girl is only 13 years old, she will be 14 soon, what is tragic is she knows little about herself her body and parenting.  Yet she is pregnant. Tragic early teen pregnancies like this should not happen, it creates a cycle of poverty and traps girls and teens in it for the rest of their lives. BBB are trying to do as much as possible to change this kind of event. Body awareness c;lasses are now mandatory for out church kids, they will know their bodies and how to avert pregnancies. It is a start. Slow and steady we will win this race.

  • Michelle is only 13 years old

  • She is 2-3 months pregnant

  • She has a boy who is only 16, and he is violent (see Mark’s blog on her situation) it explains how we Pastor these kids through these circumstances.

  • She lives in Block 15 with her mother (not married) they are cramped in a tiny house and peel garlic all day)


  • We met Michelle and we actually encouraged her to go to the Lying in Centre and she actually did. That is a good good sign. Often younger girls are too afraid and will not go. Michelle seems brave and willing which is a good sign.
  • We have also talked about contraception, she seems good about the idea.


The whole situation is so sad, grieves my heart that these babies who know nothing are having more babies. No childhood, no education no freedom. Tragic waste of life. Unless Jesus intervenes they live without a hope!



Just sayin’



We Do It Better Together

This visit to Manila bought  many things to Birthing Better Babies including a team who partnered with BBBabies from Impact Church (in NSW and South Australia) which is incidentally MY church now! We planned and networked before we left but could not really SEE how things would work until our feet were on the ground in Baseco. It was a great journey!


Included in this team were Midwives, Student Midwives, Students aspiring to be nurses and normal mums and Nanas with a heart for the Women and Babes in Manila (and a few fellas who learnt a lot!!)  What a joy it was to work with them. Some words that spring to mind when I think about this team was


They laughed they cried they sweated and taught their hearts out

They shared my burden of teaching and we certainly achieved so much more together that I have done in the past by myself. It was a great 10 days, with lives from both nations impacted forever!

New babies and bellies


Classes in Don Bosco and Baseco


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Birthing Classes and some great homemade props, babies heads inside a skull teaching women NEVER SHAKE YOUR BABY


This team worked and sweated and cried for these beautiful mums in Baseco, they shared a burden and carried the weight.

Thanks Impact Team, until we do it again




Birth Highlights for Lighthouse

One of our most commited sponsors is Lighthouse Church in Melbourne,

Here are some of the highlights from last year’s births, so exciting to see healthy babies being born in Baseco!

Roselyn Espinosa had a gorgeous baby boy John Mark

He is pictured here with his  2 sisters, they actually care for this gorgeous baby boy as his mother was forced back into the workforce. She however breastfed for as long as possible and now his sisters bottle feed him. They are responsible girls and look after John well. But again this situation shows the enormous pressure these families are under.

Thank you Lighthouse for sponsoring this mum, birth and baby, he is certainly healthy and you had a great hand in that outcome!

Here is another Lighthouse success Mary Jane Caintoy’s baby was a 9lb boy, great hospital birth with no complications.


Another teen pregnancy Annalyn had a baby boy Daniel , yes she is in a relationship but she is still very young, but her baby was big and healthy!.

Just a beautiful photo of another baby happily breastfeeding, Emily Saler and her baby girl Rhea Mae born safely in hospital.


These are only a few of the many, have a peep on the Lighthouse Sponsor Page, I am sure this church will have such a reward in heaven…..looking after the little ones here on earth blesses those in heaven

Thanks Lighthouse

Cathy, Mark and Chris   xxx

Small Things Matter

While we were in Manila this year we were honoured to partner with Days For Girls International


Please check out their website for some fantastic reports and details

One of our most impacting mornings was spent with this gorgeous young mum and her newborn.

Midwife Sandra a member of our Birthing Better Babies Team (Impact Church) was able to give her a Days for Girls Post-partum Kit and explain exactly how she needed to use it. It was a joy to watch.




It was an emotional experience, every response we have had has been gratitude and delight.

We are saving these women at least 40 pesos a day (that is approximately $1.00) doesn’t sound much right? BUt this family only earns approximately $1 a day, her husband is a pedicab driver. These Kits CAN and DO save lives.
Today this family will be able to afford rice AND some fish. Instead of buying sanitary pads.

Very very exciting! I am enriched knowing that a small thing can affect lives!

Oh by the way, they asked me to name the Baby…a little boy I named him Joshua.



I love my work….. it makes me happy!

Thanks to Days for Girls you empower me to empower others I am grateful!



Babies Having Babies



I only just posted about my 6 plus teen pregnancies in Baseco when Pastora Marivic sent me this set of simply heartbreakingly gorgeous photos of a BBBaby mum Danica.

Danica is one of our teen pregnancies only 16 years old and her sweet baby girl Khaira Kate Narce was born on the 10th of June.

She was confined in Hospital for one week as she and the baby had an infection due to a urine infection in Pregnancy, probably untreated until the delivery.  BBBabies helped this young girl with all of her Hospital expenses which probably would have been impossible to pay without us.

They are well and Khaira is being breastfed fully.

I am grateful we were able to help her but saddened that another young girl has began the journey to motherhood at such a young age. Pray we can turn the tide of teenage pregnancy in Baseco. Really agree that we can make a difference to the girls in this area.

A very sweet baby born to a very sweet girl!





Too Soon Too Young

Please look at these faces

20150507_113709 20150507_114201


20150501_120833  20150505_152413

All these beautiful girls are 19 years and under

The youngest is a 13 year old.


These faces are the faces of girls who have had their childhood and education cheated away from them because of ignorance and lack of education.

They will be destined to a life which statistically keeps them in a lower wage bracket and trapped in a cycle of poverty.


BBB is committed to Educating the teens in Baseco.

This cycle needs to stop.

There must be a generation of nurturing women educators and midwives who will rise up and end it.

It starts with us.

Make a difference come on a team, join with us as we fight the battle of ignorance.

New Things…

When we visited Baseco and Don Boscoe in May we started a new initiative Body Awareness Classes. The main thrust of this programme was Teaching the girls about their body. We had about 40 girls attend. 20150502_140112


We have been alarmed on numerous occasions by the simple lack of knowledge and sheer ignorance that girls and even child bearing women have….

Not that it is their fault, the doctors treat women as generally ignorant (which is unfortunately truth) but kept ignorant deliberately…

The teachers are embarrassed and very traditional in sex education classes, I have been told that the sex ed class consisted of simply chastisement if they do get pregnant. No knowledge, no information, no wisdom is imparted. Just embarrassment and confusion.

Many girls are too shy and confused to ask what is happening to their bodies and why.  Naturally they fall easily into situations that cause pregnancy and voilà a baby!


Armed with some basic props and some great interpreters we began to tackle some priority issues including


  • Teaching them about their bits,  what is actually inside them
  • Teaching them the proper names for their organs, naming = power
  • Teaching the girls HOW a baby is concieved
  • Boys body parts and how they are made to make babies
  • Why they have periods
  • How a baby is born
  • How to stop babies being born, good decisions, personal safety, marriage, life partners.
  • Focusing on education, those who stay in school are less likely to have early pregnancies.




20150502_141819    20150502_142622


It was a great success, the girls were animated, engaged and some even asked questions and became vocal about their body and what was evolving in them……

20150502_142905     20150502_142913


Yes a drop in the ocean, but if we can prevent one girl having one baby too early  we have won.

BBB can make a difference one girl at a time

This generation will be better off than the last!

I am defiant. Well God and I 🙂





In conjuntion with John 14:12 WWM Philippines