This is where you will find details about your sponsored women.

As much information I have I will pass on to you!

Please be assured that we take will attempt to give as much detail back to you the sponsor as possible, but sometimes through the miles minor details can be lost, besides the issues such as slow and clumsy internet with photos and messages being lost in cyberspace regularly!!!!

Such is life in an urban slum!

Our national workers are fantastic, working hard recording and organising details on the ground daily, even so details can be lost. Baseco experienced a huge fire in Dec 2011 and most of our records were lost, along with hundreds of houses and livelihoods.  Fortunately most of the mothers were already recorded and documented, but this is a constant reminder of the fragile life that is a constant in Baseco, an Urban Slum.

Each of the following pages outlines previous and ongoing births, you will find your records here

If you are an Individual Sponsor you will find your mother listed in the page named the same, bigger sponsors have their own pages.

Blessings while I construct


Sponsor Pages

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