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Gina Ortaga is around  30 years old she already has 6 children and this is her seventh. Her husband is a pedicab driver who earns about 100-300 pesos a day (3-4 dollars Aust) with a sponsored Pedicab from Jn14:12, this means that the profits from his pedicab go directly back into his children’s education fund (his children are Sponsored by Jn14:12 also). Gina is a hard working Baseco mum, she lives just behind prayer house.

In our previous trip to Baseco we had funds to build houses and the Ortega’s house was a run down, literally insect and vermin  infected house, it was continually flooded and made a miserable home for the family… can read their story on my other blog

Ortaga’s New House

Since then she has found out she was pregnant again and when we arrived in Baseco this Oct 2010 we were there for the birth of her gorgeous little boy. He is very healthy and alert, she had a good birth but a few complications after birth (including high blood pressure and some bleeding). This is another blessing for her as BBBabies  was able to cover her Birthing expenses.

She is breastfeeding beautifully and has a good understanding of the physical importance and financial benefits of feeding a baby for as long as possible. Breastfeeding is something that we have taught and promoted in classes and BBBabies, simply because formula feeding is so prevalent in Manila. If you want to read some more about the harsh realities and dangers of Bottle Feeding in a Developing Nation take a look at my blog on Real Life Battle of the Bottle. The link is here…..Real Life Battle

Baby John Peter was 3.5kg and gorgeous, alert and has a LONG nose, that is a phenomena in Manila……they all have cute button noses……..but all want long aquiline noses!! Baseco ladies are joking that if your pregnancy is sponsored your baby will have long noses!!  But the baby is beautiful long or short noses!!!!


March 2012

When I visted Baseco this March I met with Gina and we discussed her birth again

She went to Fabella fortunately because she had high blood pressure

However once this settled she had her planned ligation

Since that time she has separated from her husband who was battering her and the kids, he was fuelled by alcohol.

She is now on Family sponsorship with Jn14:12

She attends church regularly and has a Bible study in her home

John Peter is gorgeous, he is lively and sweet….small but very cute.





Liezel had a baby boy; John Vincezel He was 1 year and 2 months in the photo


Jn14:12 has been a close friend to Liezel for many many years, when Mark met Liezel he found her first child had a severe facial deformity and was totally blind. Through much fund raising and organisation Mark and Chris sent both Liezel nd Angel over to Australia to undergo extensive surgery on her face and cleft palate through the world famous Adelaide doctor Dr David David, who operated on Angel for free! The operation was a success, Angel will continue her journey of healing through organisations in Manila you can read about Angel’s story


Liezel had a very difficult pregnancy prior to John John (his nick name). She had a late stage miscarriage, then the baby would not birth. It was a very traumatic experience even though she was in hospital. John John was conceived after this time.


Liezel went to Fabella hospital for all of her checkups and ultrasounds there were no issues this pregnancy thankfully

She birthed at Fabella as well and there were no problems in birth

Before she left hospital she had a tubal ligation


The baby was well and so was Liezel

John John was and is (!!Very exciting!!) fully breastfed

John John has since finished all of his immunisations


Liezel is one of Jn14:12’s vital and vibrant leaders, she loves God and she loves the church

It was such an honour to sponsor the birth of her third child

Here is a photo of her gorgeous little family, Angel wears glasses often…..





This is Jona’s 6th pregnancy

She used to live very near Praise House before the Baseco Fire

She came to all of my Birthing Classes faithfully when I lived there for 4 months

She was relocated nearby and just recently had to dismantle her whole home (when 9 months pregnant) and rebuild near sea wall in Block 15. A huge task normally let alone when pregnant.

She is 30 years old and has 6 children and is desperate for a Tubal Ligation.


We only found Jona when she was about to birth

She was though a perfect candidate for Tubal Ligation

So we decided to sponsor her at this late stage, at least she would get a safer birth and permanent solution for contraception

Whilst I was still in Baseco Jona had numerous false labour starts

She gave birth not long after I left in mid March, she did not make it to the hospital

However she did have some issues after birth

She appeared to have some retained placenta

This meant she was in and out of hospital and it was time intensive

The midwives and support workers at Likhann Family Planning were fantastic helping with Jona

Christine and the team are indebted to their hard work


Stay tuned for more photos and details of  Jona’s baby





This is Porferia’s 9th pregnancy, but only 5 children are living

She is 42 years old

Her husband sells school supplies in Divisoria (a big market)

She has breastfed all of her babies

She is happy to breastfeed her next baby as well


She is 6 months pregnant in the photo (March 2012)

Her youngest child is only 4 years old, her oldest is about 18

She is struggling with this pregnancy, she has extremely bad circulation and varicose veins

She is also from a violent home, this is a common plight of women in Baseco

She really is excited to be part of BBB, especially because she is able to afford (through our sponsorship) a Tubal Ligation now

That speaks hope and a new lease of life for her!

It is freedom and liberty

Please pray for this dear lady, she struck me as kind and very trapped in her situation

As we get to know her there will be opportunities to minister and bless her!



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