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NOTE Just to clarify, according to my information this dear lady was from Don Bosco I have since found out she lives in Aplya, which is very near to church.

She has a very interesting testimony and much tragedy in her life.

Two days before her baby was born her husband was tragically stabbed to death, he was drunk and in the wrong place. We are not sure of the details they are sketchy, but the money from the birth was extremely valuable and it allowed her some breathing space to collect her thoughts.

He left behind not only a pregnant wife but a 6 year old boy at school.

She went into labour just after she heard about her husband dying. She was still grieving terribly, during this whole situation she has cried out to God and held onto the promises he gave her.

She is also committed to her personal growth, she is teaching herself to read and write. See the photo below, she is practicing. Amazing woman, even in the face of a life of hardship she is committing herself to growth. She was an inspiration to listen to.

Through the generosity of another Australian lady we were also able to supply her young 6 year old with school books for the year, paper fro her practicing English rice and also contributed to her electricity bill. She was blessed by it all.

Here are the details of her birth


Baby Zyrel was born Aug 10th at the Mother and Child Hospital
This was few days after the husbands death
He was a big 4.9kgs it was a normal delivery
He has had all of his checkups and immunisations completed
She is breastfeeding him and he is very healthy

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In conjuntion with John 14:12 WWM Philippines

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