Lynette Ryan

Here are your two births

Amazing what some fund raising and interest can achieve two (and eventually four) lives touched



  • Ana is 27 years old
  • She was 4 months pregnant when we met her
  • This is her second baby
  • Her husband is a sidecar or pedicab driver
  • She lives in Block 15
  • She wants to birth in The Baseco Lying In Centre
  • She has had no testing yet


  • Anna had a baby Girl on the 20th Oct 2015
  • Her name is Cassandra Lianne she weighed 3.5kg
  • She was born safely in The Mother and Child Hospital
  • Low risk and healthy
  • No problems in birth
  • She is breastfeeding
  • Had newborn screening and immunisations




  • Cherry is 30 years old
  • This is her 6th baby
  • Her husband is a laborer
  • She came to us 3 months pregnant
  • She lives in Gasungan
  •  She has not been for tests yet but will
  • She is also wanting to go to the Lying In Centre in Baseco
  • She wants to use Implanon for contraception which she can have locally


  • Had a baby boy on the 6th Oct 2015
  • His name is Cedrick and weighed 4 kgs
  • He was a home delivery but no complications
  • Is breastfed
  • Very healthy
  • Will check on immunisations


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