Secomb Family

To the lovely Secombs

Here are your 5 births so far


  • Margery is 23 years old
  • This is her 3rd baby
  • She was 2 months old when we found her
  • Her husband is a sidecar or pedicab driver earns about 1-2 dollars a day
  • She lives in Gasungan


  • Margery is actually one of the few mothers we find on contraception, which is excellent as she is planning her children
  • She wants to have this baby in the Lying In Centre in Baseco
  • She has had no testing yet


  • Her baby was born on  Jan 10th 2016, he is now 7months old
  • His name is Jason Jnr
  • She had an eventful birth as she had an accident on a tricycle in late pregnancy, she also had 4 ultrasounds because of pregnancy issues, but finally after the accident she went into labour
  • It was so quick and sudden that he Husband’s Lola (grandmother) came and delivered the baby
  • She had an unusual labour as well, no pain just tightenings
  • The baby is being breastfed and has had all of his current immunisations.




Celestina Reyes

History and Background

  • 30 years old
  • Already has 2 year old twins but unfortunately one of the twin boys died in July from  pneumonia. Very sad and tough life for Babies and their mothers in Baseco.
  • Her husband is a labourer on a very small wage
  • She came to us when she was already 8 months pregnant

Pregnancy and Labour

  • She had all ultrasounds, XRays and transport to and from hospital
  • She also had all vaccinations and tests required
  • She delivered a baby girl on the 21st June 2014 her name is Mika Reyes
  • Baby was 8lb 2 oz (great weight)
  • She did need medicines which we paid for
  • She is fully breastfeeding
  • Did not want ligation but will discuss contraception at a later date


This is a gorgeous photo of her in front of her house with a beautiful quilt made by one of the Barossa Valley Grandmothers (Barb Granzion)

Mika is a healthy chubby and happy baby! Christine looks happy as well!

Thanks Secombs!



History and Background

  • Enaly is one of our very young teen pregnancies
  • This is her first pregnancy she has no husband or boyfriend and is a single mum.
  • She came to us at 4 months pregnant
  • She does not work but lives with family

Pregnancy and Birth

  • She had a good pregnancy,  with all screenings and ultrasounds successful
  • Gave birth to a boy Kenjie Babatio on the 16th August 2014
  • 3.9 kgs
  • He has had all injections and screenings
  • We also paid for a Birth Certificate
  • She is fully breastfeeding him


He is safe in the arms of his family,  very important with girls like this. Without a supportive family she will not be able to work and provide for her child!


Note this lady replaced your previous Mum,  Lindy Estrada….

Baseco has such a transient population many times we start a sponsorship and the mother simply disappears. We are not sure what happens to them, sometimes they are moved back to the province (the country) to their grandparents, sometimes they shift quickly and cannot tell us. Either way we start again with a new mum!

I actually do not have a photo of the mum in this instance but I do have a baby photo


Background and History

  • Older mum married in a stable relationship
  • This is the mum’s 5th baby, so she was very experienced

Pregnancy and Birth

  • Had all tests and ultrasounds all were successful
  • Baby boy Joven was born on the 24th September 2014
  • He was 3.5kg
  • He had all new born screening
  • Joven is healthy and chubby
  • He is fully breastfed




Background and History

  • This is Maria’s first child
  • She is 21 years old
  • She is married and her husband is in construction
  • She lives in Tambakan


  • She had a baby boy on the 25th Dec 2015
  • His name is Drixone Bringcola
  • He weighed 2.8kg
  • He was born at The Baseco Health Centre  or Lying In Centre
  • Low risk birth with no complications
  • He is a healthy baby
  • She is fully breastfeeding
  • She will  be immunising


Thanks so much to Miss S and The Secombs.


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