Thank you for the funds here are your 5 births



This gorgeous girl is only 13 years old, she will be 14 soon, what is tragic is she knows little about herself her body and parenting.  Yet she is pregnant. Tragic early teen pregnancies like this should not happen, it creates a cycle of poverty and traps girls and teens in it for the rest of their lives. BBB are trying to do as much as possible to change this kind of event. Body awareness c;lasses are now mandatory for out church kids, they will know their bodies and how to avert pregnancies. It is a start. Slow and steady we will win this race.

  • Michelle is only 13 years old
  • She is 2-3 months pregnant
  • She has a boy who is only 16, and he is violent (see Mark’s blog on her situation) it explains how we Pastor these kids through these circumstances.
  • She lives in Block 15 with her mother (not married) they are cramped in a tiny house and peel garlic all day)


  • We met Michelle and we actually encouraged her to go to the Lying in Centre and she actually did. That is a good good sign. Often younger girls are too afraid and will not go. Michelle seems brave and willing which is a good sign.
  • We have also talked about contraception, she seems good about the idea.



  • Unfortunately after all of our hard work with Michelle just before the baby was born she moved back to the province. This is a very normal occurance especially with young teen pregnancies. They are sent back to be cared for by Lolas (Grandmothers usually) who can help the mum and baby.
  • Yes she has missed out on a Hospital birth but did benefit from some testing and advice from our more mature mums in the church. She will be supported by family in the province but I am not sure how well.
  • Praying we made a difference.
  • She was only 13years old babies having babies!


The whole situation is so sad, grieves my heart that these babies who know nothing are having more babies. No childhood, no education no freedom. Tragic waste of life. Unless Jesus intervenes they live without a hope!




This young girl is also a friend of Michelle’s, they live in the same house except Remelyn is unwanted and unloved.

She is of one of my 16 year old girls. …she is pregnant alone in this harsh world. ..mum in province and a so called Mother in Law who cares nothing for her. Lives in a house she is not welcome in. Too scared to go to Lying In Centre for help even if she is sponsored. Just made me cry.

  • Remelyn is 16 years old
  • This is her first baby
  • Her husband is working in construction
  • They are living with their mother in law,  who wants her to go back to the province and her own family


  • Remelyn is very scared, she is now sponsored but is immobilised by her fear, her age and shame
  • She wants to go to the Lying In Centre but is too scared
  • Her friend Michelle is encouraging her but it has not gone so well
  • Pray for her, let her be open to the church leaders who want to take her to the centre and care for her.


  • Unfortunately like Michelle Remelyn disappeared back to the province
  • She was unwanted in the house and was a burden
  • She would have been sent of without much ceremony
  • Again another incident of a teen pregnancy gone wrong






  • Janice is only 19
  • She is 5 months pregnant
  • Again this is her first baby
  • She has a husband but he has no job and lives with her Mother in Law
  • She lives in Block 15


  • She wants to go to hospital and has decided to go to the Gat

Another teen pregnancy.  Another baby born into unsure financial and relational status, pray for these women!

  •  Janice had a baby boy on the 8th August 2015 at the Gat Andres hospital
  • His name is Leandro Delos Angelis
  • He weighed 4 kgs
  • Was a normal delivery
  • The baby had a few complcations a blood infection that we paid for medicines etc








Roselyn and her husband Rodelo are well known to Jn14:12 they are regular church goers and live in a room next to the church.

This is Roselyn’s second baby her first baby was born with severe disabilities and spent all of his short life in Hospital where he died. Obviously Roselyn and her husband Rodelo (who plays guitar for years at Jn 14;12)  were devastated

This birth was also pretty scary for this young couple, being sponsored took a great burden off them both.


  • Went well had all tests and ultrasounds they were clear
  • They went to every appointment and were very careful to do what was right


  • The birth went well
  • He was born in Hospital
  • Baby Zimon was born on April 18th 2016
  • 2.5kg
  • She breastfed for a few months but had to return to work
  • Her mothers cares for Zimon now, he is very fat and healthy
  • Very alert and well cared and loved baby boy




  • Lanie is 21 years old this her second pregnancy


  • Went well had all testings and immunisations
  • She intended to go to hospital at The Mother and Child
  • Was overdue 40 plus weeks and her waters were diminishing
  • She ended up having a Caesarean Section
  • The fact that she had sponsorship was a real blessing as her husband is on a smaller wage


  • Baby boy was born on July 8th 2016
  • He weighed 2.7kg
  • His name is Kurt he is now 2 months old
  • She is fully breastfeeding him
  • He has had immunisations
  • Very fat and healthy



Thanks so much for the ongoing support you have surely made a difference!


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