Anita Karim

This is Anita Karim she is one of the older mum’s in Baseco. I have a soft spot for her she came to all of my classes faithfully. Usually that means that she was eager to learn and change!! Her husband was a particular friend to me in Baseco and helped me through a tough time in Baseco attending a sick Muslim baby.

We sponsored Mrs Karim later in her pregnancy, but that is good because she could use the extra money by having a tubal ligation. She already has about 5 or 6 children. Her husband Roccy is a pedicab driver with Jn14:12, and some of her children are sponsored  by Student Sponsorship Programme, but it is still a struggle. Without the pressure of more children she will be able to plan and negotiate the future with more hope.

She gave birth to Prince Aaron and he is a BIG Baseco baby over 10lb!!!

Usually babies are very small in Baseco, this is an abnormality, they average 5-6 lbs

This is due to lack of nutritious food and vitamins, and various insufficiencies including iron etc

Here he is and he is beautiful

This pregnancy was sponsored by the women in the Barossa from Keep Hope Alive

Bless you ladies for your sacrifice and generosity to the ladies and babies in Baseco

You are a light in a dark place!

You have “Kept Hope Alive” for these ladies and babies

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