This is our very first Sponsored women Cherri , she is one of Jn 14:12’s leaders in the church, she is really acting as a pilot woman for us, as we make sure the money we have provided is sufficient, and ironing out distributing bugs etc

This is a photo of her with her gorgeous daughter Diane who is around two years old, and keeps Cherry very busy she is active and wanders around and moves very quickly….I remember many times running after her and around corners…..she is fast!!!

You can imagine that Cherry would be tired as she carries a new little babe!

Cherry is married to Dan Dan and has another daughter Danielle who is about 4 years old.

She has actually had four pregnancies but only two children have survived, this is the tough life this women must face continually in Baseco, death becomes second nature as babies simply may not survive. Hopefully with this pregnancy things will fare better and she will find the support that she has not had previously.

She is about 6 months pregnant now and will be due in May sometime……

Pray for her she is a beautiful Christian and loves Jesus…..she is Pastor Annie’s sister too!!!!

Ohhh and pray for her because she does NOT like injections!!! In hospital she will have a few for tetnus etc


Mark and Chris Pedder have only just returned to the Philippines, they have sent pictures back for us to see, this is Cherri ready to birth any day!


Cherri has just given birth too a little girl on Fri the 14th of May, she went to  a local hospital and she was born without complications. She will be home soon and lives opposite Prayer House with lots of support.

I will update as soon as I know anymore, names weight etc

Here is the link to all the details on the birth of gorgeous Maria Faith……she is simply a beautiful baby. Click and have a peep!

Cherri and Maria Faith’s Story

I have since seen and held this pioneer baby……I was speechless at the chubby fat baby on my lap, they are really and truly NOT normally this fat in Baseco……the difference is tangible and very apparent these babies are bigger and healthier, praise God and thank you sponsors, it has made a difference!

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