Gloria is a single mother, she has had a very hard life. This is her ninth  baby, she was extremely depressed and emotional when Christine first found her. She looked absolutely terrible and actually sick, Christine immediately placed her on vitamins and just supported her and loved on her, she was so grateful.  This was Christine’s last report before the baby was born………..

Gloria has improved heaps, she has put on weight, is smiling and the black
rings around her eyes have disappeared. She says it is the vitamins, and
I am sure they play a part, but I think it is because her problem is no
longer insurmountable, she has help and she is not by herself.

Compounding her problems Gloria’s house was nearly falling down,  however recently a  team from Hope City visited Baseco and  they COMPLETELY rebuilt her home just in time for the baby to be born! What a change that will make in the baby’s life. Birthing Better Babies has added to her peace and sanity by a sponsored birth!

She just had her baby this weekend in hospital, the baby is well and so is Gloria!

Glorias little girl was 3.55  kgs so cute and healthy, she is breast feeding and she did have ligation.
Her name is….. Maricris…. Mark and Chris together, how cute.

I am expecting news and  a photo soon, Mark and Chris are working hard to keep up with all the details!

A big thanks to Gloria’s sponsor Jenny, thanks also for waiting so patiently for the details. You are such a blessing to this lady she is really has had a tough and hard life, your prayers and continued prayers WILL make a difference. Pray she meets Jesus and He gives her the peace she so desperately craves for!

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