Juliet Espijo is 25 years old she has three other children and is about 8 months pregnant.

Her husband’s name is Marlon he is an ice-cream vendor and earns about 200 paso a day on a great day  (about $5.00 Australian a day) probably averages $3.00 a day. I have met her and sat in her house which is very clean and tidy.  Juliet’s  other children are all gorgeous and healthy also, what a great blessing to know our sponsorship is going to help such a lovely mum and hard working dad!

Juliet with two of her other children!

This is Juliet in the front of her house, she has a lean- to  kitchen and “bathroom” they live and sleep in the room next to her it measures 2metres by 2metres. It has a door and one window.  This house is built a foot or two  high (to escape regular flooding) on shell grit and hard sand. The windows have no screens and this house probably does not have electricity. Juliet does her washing by hand in the big black bucket hanging on the wall. They have no running water or toilet, all water is carried in buckets like the white ones in the foreground. Life is not easy for a pregnant women in Baseco, they work hard all day everyday.


Juliet gave birth to a precious baby girl called Mely Jene

She gave birth on Dec 26 2010 at  9:30 pm at Gat Andress Hospital near in Baseco in Delpan Bridge. They could not go to Fabella (our usual hospital) because there was no time, she had a good and safe birth and she and her daughter are well and happy. She is committed to breastfeeding her baby too!

This is exciting and positive news, we are hearing so many exciting and wonderful success stories…….

So exciting!!

I am glad to be alive to see this stuff!

Thanks again to the ladies in Keep Hope Alive in the Barossa……that makes 5 babies now!!

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