Gasungan Birthing Classes

You don’t need fancy highbrow traditions or money to really learn. You just need people with the desire to better themselves.
Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, Accepted, 2006

This was one of my favourite classes……the ladies around here were so lovely and responsive

Gasungan is an area by the sea wall (River wall….ummmmm both!)

The houses are closely packed on sandy gritty soil with lots of water in wet season

They have an outdoor church, under a shelter that an Aussie team erected whilst we were there…..perfect for meetings, classes, even washing!!

The only downer was the flies……they were thick as there! Dunno why, just are.

Here are my ladies……….one of my ladies had 16 children and she looked a million bucks……amazing

Gasungan Church simple and humble…makes our churches seem gaudy
Built in benches and shelter from the sun and rain……..perfect for classes too

Classes range from formal to informal in a circle, I even play games with them!

This class was on breastfeeding, what is exciting is when the LIGHTS go on in the people’s eyes, when they understand what I am talking about.

This was very apparent as we talked about breastfeeding, especially the bans that they are NOT subject to in the Philippines…….they were amazed at the deception of the multinational companies and angered at the advocacy of infant formula. Rewarding indeed!!

Precy my faithful, gorgeous interpreter……in the begining the scary embarrassing words were too much for her, but by the end she was confident and secure!!
We were having a Brainstorming session on problems after birth, eg breastfeeding etc
Breastfeeding in action……………..
An informal fun photo of kids and mums in my class!

They LOVE my baby doll and pelvis…the kids just love the WHITE baby doll

Matilda’s son just loves baby doll!!
Sweet Matilda who is an upcoming leader in Gasungan
Don’t you love bulging bellies!!
A final goodbye photo!!

Classes were a drop in the ocean……but it was a start, the leaders were certainly impacted and learnt lots of things…this I think was a victory, but a small one……..

Education must result in change that is my prayer!

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.
Herbert Spencer
English philosopher (1820 – 1903)

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