Liezel is a mum in Baseco with an incredible testimony and story.

She is a leader in the church and has been with Mark and Chris for a long time!

She and her husband Vincent  have 2 children so far and we are sponsoring her third pregnancy

But Liezel’s story is an amazing story of healing, restoration and answered prayer

Their first child Angel was born totally blind with extensive and severe cleft palate and deformities. Her plight was seemingly hopeless in Baseco, but through extensive Australian Fund Raising in Churches in Australia, Jn14:12 were able to fly Angel and Liezel to Adelaide and get world renound  Cranio-Facial  surgeon Dr David David to perform life changing surgery on her. The transformation was profound and impacting, Angel was never the same again, she now has minimal face deformity and goes to Blind School and is learning to read, be mobile and live like a normal child…..she is incredibly intelligent and has made incredible improvements over the last 3-4 years. her life will never be the same, her surgery has not ended but the rest of the work can be done with The Smile Train in Manila……

From this to this!

Liezel is an incredibly dedicated mum, she travels with Angel every school day to Blind School even when she was pregnant, with a newborn baby Eliza-Mae. This is a long hot and dusty trip. She did not HAVE to do it but she wants Angel  to have the BEST start in life! She also works and serves in the church leads worship and prayer. Leizel  is a vivacious and vibrant part of the Baseco church and community.

It is our privilege and honour to sponsor her during her third pregnancy, she had a very serious medical complications with another pregnancy and still born so this baby is especially special, but it will be her last baby, Angel’s dependency on her mother will be a lifetime one.

Liezel has since lost most of her house in a devastating fire in the an area in the slum close to Praise House, she single handedly fought the fire and saved many of her possessions. She was heavily pregnant and very big……she is an amazing woman as most of her near neighbours (who live within feet of her house) lost everything. She is a gutsy woman and mother, who loves God with all of her heart. What a privilege so sponsor her, especially now.

Liezel has now had her baby (Jan 6th)

It was an uncomplicated birth with no problems and she had a gorgeous baby boy

“John Vinzel”

What a miracle!

Thank you ladies from Keep Hope Alive ,

You have seen love in action!!

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