Baseco Homebirth

Here are some photographs of some births, they allow you to see what the majority of women in Baseco birth in

  • No clean or sterile environment
  • Sometimes no electricity
  • No running water
  • No heating and cooling
  • No qualified  birth attendants or midwives
Baby Josiah is born on the kitchen floor, unexpected, but amongst the ashes rubble and dirt he comes!!
All we had was a First Aide Kit and God, dirty sheets and mud!!
Note, baby born by candlelight, tying the cord by candlelight!!!
Our equipment and environment, compare it to where your babies were or will be born!
Very simple........very dirty
First Breastfeed and rest for mum, note house, open to the elements, mosquitoes ants and vermin scuttle across the floor!
A good result THIS TIME, safe baby and mother. Thank God, sometimes results are not as good

Other problems babies face born in developing nations include

  • Tetanus, as cords are cut with rusty and infected razor blades or scissors.
  • Hepatitis is rife due to unclean surfaces and lack of clean materials
  • Infections are common due to not cleaning properly
  • Asthma and breathing problems are common due to pollution

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