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The Tides of Change….

I have been back two weeks now in the beautiful Australia and the Barossa Valley.

Leaving Baseco is always bittersweet for me, I feel like I leave a bit of me behind with Pst Marivic and Marco, Pst Manny and Rolinda, Precy,  Allan, Rodellio, Riza, Liezel, Kat Kat, Irene their families are part of my heart……but of course my family is here back in Australia so my place is here. But I treasure my times in Baseco.


My times with the mums, talking laughing and nursing babies………nothing thrills my soul when I see mothers growing learning and wanting to change.

The interesting thing about Baseco in 2013 is there seems to be a slight shift in the way the wind is blowing……

It is slight but I feel like it is HAPPENING.

Most ladies I talk to seem more tuned into Health, Eating Well, (schools now tell the same story) Birthing a Baby safely….even contraception/family planning has become almost acceptable, thanks to the tireless work of the women at Likahaan and the Lying in Centre…….I feel like I was not (for the first time) preaching a completely NEW message but one they had at least heard SOMETHING about before.

Did I repeat myself? YES

Did I find women who knew nothing? YES

Were there still little girls getting pregnant who still should be at school? YES

Did I find some tragedies? YES

But I did sense a change, NICE!!

Is it physical, spiritual, or political?

It could be all three, facilities are improving, fresh water and electricity nearly reaches the whole of Baseco now (thanks to Jn 14:12 and churches in Australia) , there are schools and a Heath Centre, drains are being built to drain the refuse away, roads, infrastructure and business is improving.

The Government has passed new laws pertaining to Women’s Health and Family Planning despite the resistance of the Catholic Church, it is now LEGAL to supply women with Contraception and discuss family planning. The Mayor who originally came from Baseco has bought about many many positive changes as well.

Yes, this is all true

But I really believe that through the preaching of the gospel and the subsequent blessings that follow (not just the work of Jn 14:12, but other evangelical churches in Baseco as well) the tide of devastating poverty and despair is being turned. As I was thinking about it it is like a massive ship turning in the sea…it cannot do it alone it needs to be shunted, shifted and tweaked and towed by the small but powerful tugboat, it is slowly being turned around…….


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The giant ship moves, it changes direction and is set on a new course!

The gospel works!

There is no way I can now deny it. I have seen over 5 years the shift in Baseco……

Slight but real!

Not that there is still not a  long way to go, not that the work is finished.

But the tide is beginning to shift in my humble opinion.

I for one am glad and grateful that God came to Baseco.

My Birthing Better Babies will grow up in a different Baseco than that of their parents!


Jesus Christ through the Living Church has made a difference, He has changed the tide of death and destruction into hope and deliverance for those who want it!



Acts of Kindness Can Change Lives…..

When I first lived in Baseco in 2009 I met a lady called Lisa, she actually lived across from Praise House in the slum.

She was heavily pregnant, she was never a regular in church and floated around the edges of the Christians…..but I suppose because she lived so close to the hub of Jn14:12 she was known.


There were some things that we suspect Lisa was involved in which bordered on backyard abortion practices…..however…..

She attended faithfully all of my Birthing classes, which touched on life and the miracle of birth and the precious babies we are responsible for.

Before I left I felt to support her with some money to go towards her hospital birth (this was pre-BBB days) and a ligation, this baby was her 4th.

She had her baby MJ (he is now over 2 years old) at Fabella and had a ligation.

I have seen her every visit back to Baseco, she was always thrilled to see us and showed off MJ proudly with tears in her eyes…..

This visit I noticed another change……

She (along with many other families) lost her house in the Baseco Fire  (you can read about the fire here)

The Relief from Australia rebuilt this whole area…..

She has a new house,

BUT what is significant is that she has an active Bible Study in her house

Whilst I was there she attended every church service.

That was a change!

Acts of Kindness work……….

The Bible says more specifically

Ephesians 2:10

New King James Version (NKJV)

10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Never tire of doing good,

Yes in these countries,

But do not forget where we are

It works in Australia too

More on Acts of Kindness here

Blessings Cathy

Fund Raiser

We had a great night at the Jn14:12 Fund Raiser along with about $700 for the running of the ministry to Baseco, we had 3 donations for Birthing Better Babies, so another 3 babies have a better start in life. Thanks to everyone who came ate, chatted and donated!

Just some guests (my mum in the foreground!

Just some of the guests!

Having a chat with Sandy, an old friend of Mark and Christines

It was actually so much fun, we are gonna have another one!!!

Thanks sooooooo much especially to Anne Dawe, who has caught the vision, and is making a difference!!

Thanks also to my dear friend Dawn who has caught the “Baseco bug” and is quilting madly for Birthing Better Babies…..she now has 2 more “babies” in Baseco…….also thanks to my old pal Kim who now has 2 new quilts for her home…….

You are such good friends I love ya

Thanks to all again