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New Friends in Baseco…..Likhaan

We have met new friends in Baseco……

I have been fairly committed and prayful about seeing some professional “legs” in Baseco, many many times help is needed when we (Mark, Christine especially) are not there. If BBB is to be truly effective there must be nationals that can impart to their own woman……we have found them!

In our old house we affectionately knew as White House, it has transformed and become known as Purple House…..it is now home to a NGO Family Planning organisation called Likhaan. There are midwives and community workers that live here permanently in Baseco, dedicated to women’s health and family planning. What a blessing!

Check out their website it is truly inspirational

Likhaan Website

This is also a very informative video by a person who met Likhaan workers and their work in Manila

These girls and women blessed my heart they have dedicated their lives to the lives of others, they are Chistians and now attend Jn14:12………

I will be blogging about them and their input in Baseco more in the future I just wanted you to meet them.

God is good, He provides all things in the right time!

Blessings Cathy