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Prevention is Better……….

The women in this video are very similar to those  in Baseco even now!

This scenario would not happen if women just like this had access to contraceptives

I do not advocate abortion….. but I have great compassion and empathy with women who feel so so desperate and have been disempowered to such a state of desperation

Be sure folks our money is going to change the destiny of women and unborn children in Baseco

BBB is making a difference


Blessings Cathy

Mentoring and Mothering

Anything alive will grow, it will be adjusted and tweaked

Birthing Better Babies is no different

In Baseco there are many needs that yell for attention especially with the woman, who are primarily the caregivers of the children.

Now we have started the journey with these women we are realising that there are sub groups that require particular attention

There is a large amount  of teen pregnancies in Baseco

There is no sex education, and girls find their first sex education lesson is sometimes their first pregnancy, with a person they do not know or who do not care a rip about them.

Many girls have had no parents/mothering or very deficient role models in each!

Sex education is non existent either from parents or at school, often stories from peers are woven with old wives tales and fallacies which colour a wrong way of thinking.

There is a desperate desperate need for mentoring and mothering with our teen and mothers

So we have begun the journey!

Len Len is our first teen in our mentoring program.

She is 17 years old, she lives with her alcoholic father. She has no mother.

Last year she was very involved with the Jn14;12 youth however she had some edgy friends who were not friends at all!

She ended up pregnant, the father has disappeared and was probably only a lad as well!

Len Len’s future is very unsure, she is already facing a financial burden (although BBB will sponsor her pregnancy)

She will definately be a burden on her father, so she probably will have to work, but what will happen to the baby?

Alone and pregnant in Baseco is a different matter though





There are hundreds like her!

But we care.

She may be a drop in the ocean, but we can make a difference one teen and one baby at a time!

So we need to mentor these teens

Len Len  will be mentored by one of our leaders Belinda Castro.

Already Len Len loves and adores Belinda, she calls her Mum.

Len Len watches Belinda with her newborn Prince with avid eyes, she watches how Belinda cares for and nurtures her baby and thankfully Len Len will use her as a Role Model.

How exciting!

Belinda is a good mother, she adores her kids and  is a committed Christian, she is a Leader in Jn14:12

Already Len Len hangs around Belinda’s  home and cares for Prince with her, this is tremendous practice for Len Len who has no mother or sisters.

Belinda makes sure Len Len takes her vitamins and goes with her to the Hospital for check ups.

Len Len will be closely mentored and cared for after the baby is born and the girls will ensure she is breastfeeding and the baby is being cared for properly.

We will, if need be, place her on contraception, unless she shows real signs of commitment to God and moral purity.  BUT until then we can protect her and her new babe from further poverty, if we must we will guard her against herself until she meets someone who will marry and commit to her.

This is a great great thing for Len Len, when the baby is born she will have strong women of faith as her mothers, NOT teens her own age who have NO idea.

She probably does not realise how significant this will be for her and her unborn baby, but that does not matter, in the long run we help a life……in this case 2 lives!

I would say Len Len’s life has been touched  and changed because of the women at Jn 14:12……like Belinda who actually do care for her!

What a good change, an exciting development

To give life, health and education to these girls is a wonderful thing!

Thank you Jesus!

Some Victories……..

I am leaving to visit my second home in Manila Baseco tomorrow…….

I just felt to blog on the victories we have seen over the past two years!


So far Birthing Better Babies has sponsored over 45-50 full births

These babies are impressively bigger in birth weight, chubbier and  fatter and healthier

We can see significant differences between those born in the programme than not, this is probably due to Pregnancy Vitamins.

We have seen numerous women have successful Tubal Ligation Operations, these woman have all had multiple births and qualified by law to have the operation.

We have had a very successful Breastfeeding rate, with almost all if not all women are breastfeeding their babies for extended times. This is a real victory………

John Vincel and precious Liezel a leader in Jn 14:12 breastfeeding happily!

I am thrilled…………God is so good!




Our Heartbeat

“Becoming a mother makes you the mother of all children. From now on each wounded, abandoned, frightened child is yours. You live in the suffering mothers of every race and creed and weep with them. You long to comfort all who are desolate.” — Charlotte Gray

This is our heartbeat and mandate!